Blue Hole

Blue Hole, shore dive

Ben diving through the Blue Hole in Lanzarote
The Blue Hole is one of the most famous and most popular dive sites in Lanzarote. Pretty much every type of marine life can be seen on this dive, from the slipper lobsters hiding in the crevices, to shoals of tuna passing by.

Enter from the jetty, head out over the sands, watch out below you maybe able to spot an angel shark to two! Pass over the garden of eels and you will find the entrance to the Blue Hole, a tunnel that connects the sandy shallows through the reef to the bottomless ocean. There are several caves and overhangs so make sure you take a torch with you  and you maybe able to spot some big groupers or even a forkbeard! It’s a dive not to be missed!

Open water divers can dive to the top of the blue hole and follow the reef.
Advanced open water divers can dive through the hole, reaching their maximum depth limit of 30m.

Minimum depth: 0M
Average depth: 18-20M
Maximum Depth: 40M

"After going through the Blue Hole, poke around in the caves on the right, head back along the harbour wall - this dive has it all"