Cathedral, shore dive

Cathedral, Playa Chica, dive sites in Lanzarote
The Cathedral is a cavern dive just off the coast of Puerto del Carmen. The Cathedral has some unique points of interests that must be seen first hand! The fairy basslet fish swimming upside down, the bubble garden over the roof of the Cathedral are just a couple of must sees!

Head out from Playa Chica beach and follow the reef round towards the Cathedral. Spend some time on the sands as this is where you may be able to spot everything from the tiny little sandy crabs to the larger roughtail stingrays! Once you reach the Cathedral slowly descend to 30m and enter the cavern, as you go in the sandy bottom will gradually slope up to around 25m. Head to the back of the altar and you may find the large groupers swimming around between the branching coral. As you turn to come back out is when you will see the beautiful blue ocean against the arch of the Cathedral roof – stunning! When you are ready head up and over and through the bubble garden – your breathes have created it,  enjoy it!

As an open water diver you can visit the groupers at the top of the reef.

If you are an Advanced open water diver then you can dive down into the cavern and witness the wonders of the Cathedral!

Minimum depth: 0m

Average depth: 20M

Maximum depth: 35M

"Twice in Lanzarote I got the wow factor. The first time when I walked into the cactus gardens, the second when I entered the Cathedral turned around and saw the blue against the arch - simply breathtaking! Watching the fish swim upside down, groupers guarding the cavern and then on the way back swimming through the bubble garden these are moments you must experience if you visit Lanzarote!"