Harbour Wrecks

Harbour Wrecks, boat dive

Harbour Wrecks, scuba diving dive site in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote
The Harbour Wrecks are a set of wrecks sunk in the 1970's just outside the harbour in the old town of Puerto Del Carmen for scuba divers! It's a great dive for both novice and experienced divers with wrecks sitting from 15-40m!

Jump on the rib but don't get too comfy, it's only a very quick boat ride! Drop in with a free descent to around 15 metres. Swim over the top wreck and head to the deeper wrecks, there are 7 sitting in this collection. For the underwater photographers you can get some fabulous shots of the wrecks. Keep an eye on the sands as the Angel Sharks, Roughtail stingrays & Butterfly rays are known to hang out here!

After exploring the deeper wrecks head up to the shallowest and most intact wreck at 18m. This is a great wreck for Open Water divers! Watch out for trumpetfish and octopus heading in the crevices. Once you are ready make your way back to the Harbour Wall for your safety stop.

Open water divers can explore the top wreck and the drop off. Advanced open water divers can dive down to the deeper wrecks reaching 30m!

Minimum Depth: 14M

Average Depth: 18-20M

Maximum Depth: 40M

"Best dive yet! This dive was teeming with life. Saw 3 rays (Butterfly, rough tail and common Atlantic) One very close up! Trumpet fish cruised by and Tuna feeding on shoals of sardines! Also a couple of groupers and many more fish I have yet to identify!"