Insurance Policy

Under the Spanish diving laws (B.E. no. 280), 22nd November 1997, Ministerio de Fomento) it is mandatory that all scuba divers diving in Lanzarote have personal accident and third party liability insurance.
Most travel insurance policies cover you to scuba dive. Please check the policy wording for any stipulations with regard to scuba diving. Some policies may cover you for scuba diving but may have very limited medical cover. 
At registration you will be asked for a copy of your certification card as well as your policy certificate and policy wording.
If your policy doesn't cover you or you don't have any insurance not to worry as we can arrange it for you with Scuba Medic. It can be purchased at:

1 day - 6.00€

1 week - 14.00€

1 month - 20.00€

1 year - 35.00€

You can view the cover offered by Scuba Medic’s insurance here: ScubaMedic Policy