Fab four go advanced!

Well done Louise, Steve, Allan and Caren on passing their PADI Advanced open water courses!

Caren demonstrating great buoyancy control during her PADI Advanced open water course in the Canaries
Louise, Steve, Allan and Caren all visited the Canary Islands to scuba dive in 2015 and loved it! So they decided to get some winter sun and come back to do their PADI Advanced open water courses!

Louise and Steve decided to escape the typical British winter right after Christmas and jet away to the Canaries for some winter sun! For their first dive we jumped straight onto the boat for an adventure dive to the wrecks! Louise and Steve did really well at navigating the wreck and spotting some great marine life on it too! The next day it was time for a deep dive! Off we went for a nice relaxing dive, although there was a little surface movement however it was no problems for these awesome divers!

Caren on her digital underwater imaging adventure dive for her PADI Advanced open water course in the Canaries

Unfortunately over the New Year we experienced some strong winds which affected the sea so it meant all diving was cancelled and they were forced to relax and sunbathe for a few days - what a hard life!! - before we could resume diving, but it meant that Allan and Caren had arrived and would be joining them for the rest of their PADI Advanced open water course!

We headed off to Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca to do their navigation adventure dive, they were all fantastic with the compass under water, practicing reciprocals and squares - bonus everyone came back with the right dive buddy!! After a surface interval it was time to head back into Playa Flamingo for their fish identification adventure dive - one of their PADI instructor Georges favourite dives of the PADI Advanced open water course to teach as he loves to look at the fish!

The next day it was Allan and Caren's turn to dive to 30 metres for their deep adventure dive and they loved it!! So much so they rushed straight back in to complete their PADI advanced open water course with the digital underwater imagery adventure dive - taking lots of photos of the fish and each other! Fantastic!

What was so great about this PADI Advanced open water course is that 2 dive buddy teams arrived separately but left as friends and with new dive buddies and are already planning dive trips together when they head back to the UK! Well done Louise, Steve, Caren and Allan! You all did amazing throughout your course and we look forward to seeing you on your next dive trip to Lanzarote, Canary Islands!

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