John smashes the PADI Open Water Course!

John PADI open water course Lanzarote Canary Islands

After trying scuba diving with us last year and loving it, John decided he would take the next step! So enrolled to do his PADI Open Water course!

Initially completing the theory online before arriving in Lanzarote by the PADI e-learning system. This meant that as soon as John got here we could start preparing to get into the water. Starting with putting the equipment together and taking it apart several times. This got John used to the equipment he would be using and in particular giving him the confidence with assembling and checking it all himself. 

After completing equipment preparation it was time to stroll down to Playa Chica. Here we were going to go through the confined water skills in the bay. Beneath the ocean it was so clear it was like being in a swimming pool! John went sailing through his skills while surrounded by schools of fish! 

 Next John had an exciting afternoon ahead of him! To begin with he was going to put be putting into practice everything he had learnt that morning on his first open water dive! Then John was going off exploring around Playa Chica and notably practicing hovering above the grid!

 The next session was a quick skills practice in the bay, which again John aced! So we were ready for our next open water dive. What a cracking dive! We were aiming to find a baby seahorse for John and we found one hiding among the ropes!

 The weather was absolutely scorching, hitting almost 40 degrees! So what better place to go after lunch then in the water for another dive! As we were nearing end of the course we could now dive deeper to 18m! So we swam around the reef over the Little Wreck, especially keeping an eye out for big groupers and small nudibranchs.

Before we knew it, it was a sad day arriving at the dive centre, as it was the last day of Johns PADI open water course! So we were planning an extra special day for him! Jumping into the water and heading to the top of Blue Hole, spotting tuna, barracuda and even an eagle ray swimming past! Now that John had completed all the dives for the PADI open water course we could go and enjoy one last fun dive! With this intention off we went exploring the reef around the top of Cathedral, taking the camera with us to get some awesome shots! Swimming through the bubble garden and peeking over the edge to the deeper reef below!

 After an amazing dive intriguing John with what lay below 18 metres! Now he was officially a PADI Open Water Diver! We would love to see him back soon for his PADI advanced open water course! So that we can go diving through the Blue Hole and inside the Cathedral!

John exploring during his PADI Open Water course in the Canaries!
Massive congratulations to John on passing his PADI Open Water Course from the Manta Diving Team! We've really enjoyed teaching you and you were a complete natural in the water!

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