New York Times dive the Museo Atlantico with Manta Diving Lanzarote!

Opening of the Museo Atlantico, new dive site in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote!

On the 10th January 2017 the Museo Atlantico, the new dive site in Lanzarote, was officially opened. The day before our PADI instructor Ben took Raphael from the New York Times to dive the first underwater museum in Europe and see all the new sculptures in all their glory!
Human Gyre at Museo Atlantico the new dive site in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Part of the Human Gyre at the Museo Atlantico, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

 Over the past 2 years Jason de Caires Taylor has been creating the first underwater museum in Europe. He's been creating sculptures of Lanzarote resident's and visitors to the island out of pH neutral concrete to create an artificial reef - he wants to raise awareness of the destruction of the oceans reefs around the world. To see the Museo Atlantico finally finished after the different installations is fantastic, the dive time is now around 35-45 minutes and there is plenty to explore! Some of the new sculptures that Jason de Caires Taylor has created include the Human Gyre, the 30 metre wall depicting the crossing between 2 realities and the portal to the Atlantico Ocean, Deregulated involves a children's play park being played with by businessman and the Portal showing the movement of the oceans surface - this is one of our favourite pieces from the underwater museum!

Raphael was interested to learn about the environmental impact on the dive sites and the ecosystems in Lanzarote as well as the impact of tourism to the Canary Islands. Ben explained that during the last 12 months while the Museo Atlantico has been partially open there has been a significant increase in the biomass on the dive. There have been times where we have been diving the underwater museum and there were huge shoals of sardines amongst the Rubicon sculptures and we've been hovering in the middle while the white trevallies hunt them! Other species that we have encountered at the Museo Atlantico include several turtle sightings and even pilot whales! Ben did express his concern that dive sites nearby such as Los Colorados and El Emisario could be impacted by an increase in divers, so it is important that the dive guides who take their divers to these sites while visiting the Museo Atlantico respect the dive sites and marine life there. It's incredible to see the government of Lanzarote investing in protecting our ocean by creating such a wonderful artificial reef and creating a new dive site that is unique to Lanzarote. Tourism is a huge part of Lanzarote and we want everyone to experience our beautiful island but at the same time we want to protect it!

Thank you Raphael for visiting us at Manta Diving Lanzarote and the Museo Atlantico! We hope you enjoyed your visit to Lanzarote! You can read Raphael's article here:

New York Times Museo Atlantico Article

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