Amelia explores wrecks, deep dives and experiences her first night dive!

Amelia showing her great trim after completing peak performance buoyancy dive on her PADI Advanced open water course in Lanzarote!

Amelia took her PADI Open Water course with Manta when she was only 12 years old! Each year she's been coming back and exploring our dive sites! This year Amelia turned 15 and wanted to dive the Cathedral so it meant it was time for her Advanced!

It wasn't Amelia's typical Monday morning getting ready for school, this Monday she was up and looking forward to starting diving!

After a quick chat with her instructor she choose to start with Peak Performance Buoyancy and Underwater Navigation dives. The benefits of this meant that her buoyancy control would be the best it could be ready for the rest of her PADI Advanced open water course and that should she need to she could navigate us on the other adventure dives! After running through the exercises on land it was time to jump into the ocean and give it a go! During the dives Amelia shows great skills and even won at Weight Football!! 

After waiting for the sun to set it was time to jump in for Amelia's first night dive! Amelia's dad Simon decided to join us for the night dive and afterwards he was definitely glad he did! There were some amazing sights on the dive. One of the favourites was the torpedo ray! Other highlights we saw included the seahorse - it was in the perfect position for a photo! Also a large seahare and several nudibranchs! The only thing Simon regretted was not bringing his camera!

Amelia with her PADI instructor Rachel practicing navigation skills for her PADI Advanced Open Water course in Lanzarote
The next morning Amelia had an exciting couple of dives planned for her PADI Advanced open water course. The first we were going on the deep adventure dive to 30 metres to the Harbour Wrecks. Afterwards we were going on a photography dive to the Blue Hole!

It was time to kit up and head over to the Harbour to get on the boat for the quick ride. Before when Amelia was diving these wrecks she could only dive to the top wreck so she was looking forward to dropping down and exploring the deeper wrecks! On the way down pausing at 27 metres, Amelia was looking at the difference between colours at depth and at the surface, she was also comparing our dive computers for depth and no stop time and finally she was looking at the effects pressure had on a coca-cola bottle. Rachel found another torpedo ray, this one was hiding under the top wreck. One amazing sight on this dive is to swim up from the deeper wrecks to the top wreck as you turn to see the wreck with the sun as it's backdrop surrounded by damselfish - absolutely breathtaking! 

Amelia with her dad Simon during the PADI Advanced open water course in Lanzarote after a great dive to the Harbour Wrecks

Next up was the last dive of Amelia's PADI Advanced open water course, Digital Underwater Imagery. Amelia was going to spend the dive taking photos, learning techniques on how to get the best from her camera! The best tip for photography dives is to take your time! The dive began, slowly heading over to the Blue Hole stopping along the way finding several interesting fish. A sandy crab was sitting in the sand posing for us. As well as a gorgeous flatworm that Amelia got some great shots of! Before the dive Amelia and Rachel were planning to use her dad as a model as he swum through the Blue Hole and get him as a silhouette against the blue. We got some cracking shots! 

Flatworm spotted on Amelia's PADI Advanced Open Water Course in the Canary Islands


Simon diving through the Blue Hole on his daughters PADI Advanced open water course in Lanzarote!

Simon practicing his modelling skills at the Blue Hole

Sandy Crab spotted on Amelia's PADI Advanced Open Water Course in the Canary Islands

Sandy Crab

From the Manta Diving Team a massive well done to Amelia! We've had a great time taking you on your adventure dives for your PADI Advanced open water course and can't wait to go diving with you and your family in October!!

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