PADI Deep Diver Speciality

Val & Richard on their PADI deep diver speciality in Lanzarote

Val and Richard learning about the effects of pressure on walkers crisps!

Is the lure of the deep calling your name? There's some exciting about exploring our deeper dive sites in Lanzarote! The pinnacle or going to find the mysterious candy striped flatworm are two of the fun reasons to take your deep course!

The deep diver course gives your the confidence to scuba dive down to 40m and see these things for yourself!

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, you can take part in the PADI deep diver speciality from 15 years old.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes you need to be a PADI Adventure Diver to sign up for the PADI deep diver course

What does the course involve?

During 4 deep dives with your PADI instructor You will learn about:

  • Specialised deep diving equipment
  • Deep dive planning
  • Managing your gas supply
  • Dealing with gas narcosis and safety considerations

How long does the course take?

The 4 deep dives can be completed in 2 days

What does the course price include?

The course price includes equipment hire, manual and your PADI certification card!

What will I be qualified to dive to after the course?

When you complete the PADI deep diver course you will be a PADI deep diver and be certified to dive to 40m with a buddy! You will receive a certification card by post after the course!

What can I do next?

Why not try another speciality course? The PADI enriched air diver course is great fun!