This week we have lots of returning divers coming back to dive Lanzarote! One in particular you might recognise is Ollie!

Ollie worked for us for several years and 18 months ago moved back to the UK. During the past week he has been diving Lanzarote, visiting the Museo Atlantico for the first time, diving in Charco Del Palo and last night the most epic night dive!

Dive Lanzarote - Angel shark | Manta Diving Lanzarote
Maderian Nudibranch | Dive Lanzarote | Manta Diving Lanzarote

The epic night dive!

Last night we went to one of the best dive sites in Lanzarote, the Blue Hole. As soon as we dropped down we found a huge pregnant Angel Shark. While we were looking at the angel shark, Ollie found a nudibranch we have never seen before. The Maderian Seaslug. A beautiful orange colour!

We then headed over to the Blue Hole. As we swam through it we found a grouper lurking in the shadows. Straight after we found a turtle snail nudibranch – it was huge!

Heading back up towards the Harbour Wall we spent some time over the sand looking for more angel sharks. We found a baby angel shark and 3 more adult angel sharks.

As we were making our safety stop we came across another 3 Maderian sea slugs! Incredible! Then finally right before surfacing a warty umbrella nubibranch.

Wow! What an incredible night dive! We can’t believe we saw so many different varieties of nudibranchs in 1 dive!

We’ve had a great diving with Ollie again this week!

If you’ve got your PADI certification then you can try a night dive next time you dive Lanzarote. When you book your diving package with us ask for our night dive schedule.
Turtle Snail | Dive Lanzarote | Manta Diving Lanzarote