This is the second time the award for best dive centre in Lanzarote has been awarded. We are proud to say we have won it again!

Monday night, the Museo Atlantico were presenting the best dive centre award for the second time. James and Rachel from our dive team were there on behalf of Manta Diving Lanzarote. Thankfully we were there as we won the Best Dive Centre in Lanzarote award (Empresa operadora del museo Atlantico) first place for the second time! We are very proud for winning this award again. Here at Manta Diving Lanzarote we feel the underwater museum is a huge draw to diving in Lanzarote. We are very proud to have won the award both times! We would like to thank our dive team Ben, Rachel, James and George for their hard work and passion in helping us win this award for the second time running!

Best Dive Centre in Lanzarote - Manta Diving Lanzarote
Future of underwater museum in Lanzarote
Photo by Carlos Minguell- Sebadal

The future of the underwater museum in Lanzarote

While Rachel and James were at the meeting with CACT Lanzarote collecting our award. They also had an insight into how the team behind the underwater museum are developing the dive site. They want the Museo Atlantico to become a micro marine reserve. Museo Atlantico are putting a percentage of the ticket sales into development and research. The next phase they are completing is Project Sabadales. Planting 40 species of Cymodocea nodosa into the Human Twist and Hybrid Gardens. If it goes well, this endangered species will begin to breed. Gradually cover the sand bed of the underwater museum – giving it a lawn effect!

Over the new few weeks they are covering then with boxes, that allow light through to help with photosynthesis. The boxes will hopefully protect them from herbivores. We understand it might not look great for photos while they are covered, but it will be worth it in the long run!