Our best 9 diving photos from Lanzarote in 2018!

We decided to have a look down memory lane and go through our Instagram feed to see what our most popular diving photos were this year.

Diving in Lanzarote | Ornate Wrasse

1. Ornate Wrasse

Our most popular photo of 2018 is the Ornate Wrasse. Spotted on pretty much every single dive in Lanzarote. They are a favourite amongst our divers thanks to their stunning colours!

Angel Shark | Lanzarote Diving

2. Angel Shark

We found this beautiful angel shark on the dive site the Harbour Wall. This dive site is great for all divers, its perfect for a relaxing dive, slowly diving along and looking in the rocks to see what you can find. Seahorses, angel sharks, rays, seahorses and trumpetfish are just some of the things you can find!

Scuba Dive Lanzarote | Octopus

3. Octopus

Another shot from a dive on the Harbour Wall, the octopus are notorious for being found hanging out here! We love all the colours in this photo.

Sardines | Lanzarote Diving

4. Sardine Bait Ball

Wow! This was one of those dives where you felt part of National Geographic. We were just swimming back from Grouper Run and thankfully Russell had his GoPro filming, because within seconds we were in the middle of a bait ball!

Sahlina passes her PADI open water course in Lanzarote!

5. Sahlina passes her PADI open water course!

Check out that awesome trim from Sahlina! She had a great time learning to dive in Lanzarote. Welcome to the amazing underwater world!

Diving Puerto Del Carmen | Cuttlefish

6. Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are beautiful to see while diving. For us we love watching them change colours to blend in with their surroundings. The amazing thing about them is they are actually colourblind!

Dive the Museo Atlantico

7. Diving the Museo Atlantico

The Museo Atlantico is one of our most requested dive sites and also one of our most photographed! There are so many unique angles and statues for us to photograph. This fab photo was shot by Rowsheen from Ocean Diver.

Dive the Museo Atlantico

8. Celebrating passing Scuba Diver Course

Jiayi and Haoting celebrated passing the PADI Scuba Diver course with a dive at the Museo Atlantico!

Dive Lanzarote | Cuttlefish

9. Cuttlefish

The Cuttlefish are a diver’s favourite and they made the top 9 for a second time!

So there you have it our top 9 photos from diving in Lanzarote from our Instagram feed. Why not share your photos from diving in Lanzarote with us? Share in our comments on Facebook or #liveitbreatheitdiveit on Instagram!