Huge congratulations to Conor on completing his PADI Divemaster course with us here at Manta Diving Lanzarote!

After completing his PADI Advanced course with us last summer. Conor choose to come spend his summer back in Lanzarote. Spending 2 months completing his PADI courses. Ensuring that he had plenty of time to get his dive count up and to gain an insight into the world of a PADI professional.

First up Conor needed to comple his PADI Rescue course. After four or five days of playing drowning and swallowing too much sea water, dragging divers out the water, search patterns and rescuing divers. Conor was passed and getting his first taste of whats to come!

Over the next couple of weeks Conor was racking up the fun dives including an underwater beach clean up. Exploring the beautiful ocean around Lanzarote he soon had enough dives to start his PADI Divemaster course. Time to begin his Divemaster course! Conor worked hard alongside the Manta Dive Team learning to guide dives, practicing skill demonstrations and assisting on PADI courses.

After lots of studying, drawing maps and emergency action plans it was time for his final exam. Passing it with flying colors – only 2 wrong out of 120! Well done!

On his last day it was time for the equipment exchange!

Heading into the water with the bosses Rachel and Ben what was in store for him? Changing his scuba unit, mask and fins with Ben all while buddy breathing! Conor and Ben carefully planned what they needed to do. Conor remained calm and relaxed throughout, dealing with any problems that came his way! On surfacing Rachel decided that they needed to switch scuba units back so might as well do a quick rescue scenario! What a great surprise!! Conor quickly jumped into action giving Ben mouth to chin, taking their kits off and a nice drag out onto the beach. Great rescue skills!

After having so much fun with the Manta Diving Lanzarote Dive Team he then took the time to complete his Discover Scuba Diving leader and PADI Speciality Deep diver course.

So a huge Well done to Conor on becoming part fish! We look forward to welcoming you back to the Manta Diving family soon!