Dive Sites in Playa Blanca

Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas is the closest dive site to the Museo Atlantico and has benefited from the new artificial reef. The marine life has become attracted to the sculptures and has overflowed onto the Coloradas Reef. There are 2 attractions to this reef. Firstly all the overhangs, where you can find anemones and rays hiding away, and an awesome swim through as well. The topography is stunning and completely different to Playa Chica. Then the other side is the endless white sand where you can find the angel sharks and rays hanging out!

Punta Berrugo

Descending down the anchor line you can spot the immense cave straight away, have a good look around in here as usually you can find a common stingray or two! Continue along the reef and you will dive through some large shoals of fish. The topography on this dive is breathtaking and there are many crevices for you to swim in between. Don’t forget to take a look underneath and you maybe lucky to find a moray or maybe even the elusive fang tooth moray! 

Playa Flamingo

“It’s like diving in an aquarium” this is the most common phrase we hear after surfacing from a dive at Playa Flamingo! It is an awesome dive site teeming with marine life. You can regularly find huge shoals of colourful tropical fish surrounding you. As well as morays hiding under the rocks and rays hanging out on the sand. 

Diving in Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is located in the south of Lanzarote and from here we have a mixture of dive sites available. We offer 2 tank excursions to Playa Blanca. We meet at the dive centre and drive down to Playa Blanca and do 2 dives from either shore or boat. Dives need to be pre-booked minimum 24-48 hours beforehand.

One of our most popular dives in Playa Blanca is the Museo Atlantico, the underwater museum.

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