Diving in Playa Blanca to the Underwater Museum

Underwater Museum Lanzarote - Museo Atlantico - Manta Diving Lanzarote

Diving in Playa Blanca To the Underwater Museum

Chris and Niall booked a last minute holiday to Lanzarote. Prebooking one of the most popular excursions in Lanzarote – diving in Playa Blanca to the underwater museum!

Chris booked a last minute holiday to Lanzarote! After looking around for dives in Lanzarote he came across the underwater museum. He contacted us here at Manta Diving Lanzarote and as he was only here for a few days with his brother Niall. We quickly arranged a day for him to visit it!

Our first dive in Playa Blanca was to Las Coloradas. This is a reef dive, maximum 18 metres with loads of marine life! It was Niall’s first fun dive since certifying as PADI open water in NDAC. Rachel was determined to show Niall how awesome the diving in Lanzarote was!

Diving in Playa Blanca - Underwater Museum in Lanzarote - Museo Atlantico

First up was a dive to Las Coloradas

Straight away the group dropped down onto the tectonic plates of Las Coloradas and there was a moray eel waiting to say hello! There was very little current today and before we knew it we were at the swim-through. Here we found a beautiful red gorgonian fan. Further into the swim-through we found a couple of groupers hiding in the back. Just as we were coming out we stopped to take a couple of photos of some large arrowhead crabs and Rachel found 2 magnificent flatworms mating. These flatworms are really rare here in Lanzarote. They are usually found underneath the rocks. What an awesome sighting on Niall’s first ever fun dive!

We came back through the swim-through and continued up to the chimney. Chris and Niall loved swimming up it! We turned back and began our swim to the shot line. We were just poking around looking at the anemones when we found a fantastic sighting of an angel shark resting in the sand. Wow, wow, wow! What a first dive and we still had the underwater museum to come!

Next up…Diving the Underwater Museum


After dropping down the shot line and posing at the entrance to the underwater museum. We made our way to the first sculpture, Los Jolateros. Rachel was taking a photo of the statues, meanwhile Chris had spotted an angel shark swimming straight towards them! A quick change of subject and we had some great photos of the shark and even an awesome video of the shark burying itself! We continued on with our dive and when we got to The Rubicon we found a common stingray hiding under one of the sculptures. Then we turned our heads, threw a couple of hang 10s – just as we did we noticed a free swimming moray on the next sculpture! Amazing!

The underwater museum was packed with marine life today, triggerfish were waiting for us as we crossed the portal. Another angel shark in the Hybrid Gardens – what a way to spend our Saturday!



Thank you Chris and Niall for choosing us to take you diving in Playa Blanca! We look forward to your next visit to show you more of the amazing diving in Lanzarote!


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