Teguise is celebrating 600 years since it was founded as the capital of the Canary Islands. As part of the celebrations Spain’s famous Patrulla Águila, Eagle Patrol, came and performed a breath taking air display over Playa de las Cucharas.

Eagle Patrol Air Display in Lanzarote

After reading about the air show on Lanzarote Information earlier in the week. On Sunday we went to check it out for ourselves. Heading up to Costa Teguise early so that we could have some lunch beforehand. Then find a good spot to watch the Eagle Patrol perform the air display. It was incredible to see Playa de Las Cucharas with hundreds of people waiting to see the show.

The Eagle Patrol are the acrobatic team of the Spanish Airforce, based in the Murcia region. The team is made up of 7 Casa C-101 Aviojet aircrafts. Originally forming on the 4th July 1985. The Eagle Patrol are the only team to use yellow smoke and they are known for landing in formation.

The performance and the display was breathtaking! The pilots have obviously had a lot of training throughout the years and their skills are incredible. For around 30 minutes they performed a series of acrobatics – some that seriously took your breath away!
Lanzarote Air Show Eagle Patrol Costa Teguise

These are some of the photos we took of the Patrulla Águila on our phones. However some of the professional shots we have seen are incredible. Our favourites we have seen so far have to be from Sabrina at Lanzarote Photography. You can view here photos here:

Lanzarote Photography’s Eagle Patrols photos