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Happy New Year from Manta Diving Lanzarote! 

Thank you for a great 2018! We’ve had so many amazing dives in Lanzarote throughout the year. A huge congratulations to all our divers who have passed their PADI scuba diving courses, taken their first breaths underwater on the try dive and explored our amazing dive sites in Lanzarote!

We’ve had a quick think about New Year’s Resolutions but decided to keep them diving focused! Which scuba diving resolution do you think you might take on?

🐙  Dive more! This can be done locally by joining a dive club back home or planning more dive holidays. Lanzarote has the bonus of being only 4 hours from most of Europe and with Ryanair offering cheap flights its great option for a long weekend dive holiday.
🐠  Learn a new diving skill! Why not improve your diving skills by taking a diving course. Some of the great ones to learn are photography, nitrox, buoyancy – your buoyancy skills are key! How to use a surface marker buoy or even get your deep certification and start diving to 40 metres.
🐙  Be a better diving buddy! From the open water course you are taught diving is fun and to dive with a buddy. Sometimes you may slip into a bad habit like focusing too much on your camera and not enough on your buddy. So think back to your basic training, your open water course. What were the important steps? Stay close together, communicate effectively and most importantly pre-dive safety check before every dive.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us and you! All we know is it will involve lots of diving! We hope to see you in 2019 for more diving fun!

Happy New Year! From Ben, Rachel, Ariel and James!