Explore Lanzarote's Best Dive Sites

We love to dive and we want to show you the best diving Lanzarote has to offer!

Our experienced guides provide a full pre-dive briefing, before guiding you around our many sites so you can get the most from every dive in Lanzarote. We dive daily from Puerto Del Carmen. Our house reef, Playa Chica, is just 100 metres from our dive centre. Home to over 10 different dive sites. We also dive regularly in Playa Blanca including the underwater museum. We also offer a day trip to dive in La Graciosa.


Puerto Del Carmen Dive Sites

We offer guided dives from Puerto Del Carmen for certified divers Monday to Saturday at 9:00, 11:30 and 15:00.

Blue Hole

Fun diving lanzarote | Diving in Lanzarote with the best dive centre Manta Diving Lanzarote

One of the most popular dives sites in Lanzarote. Start by passing over the garden of eels, you will find the entrance to the Blue Hole, a swim through that connects the sandy shallows through the reef to the bottomless ocean waiting beyond it. Also there are several caves and overhangs amongst the reef so make sure you take a torch with you as frequently large groupers or even a forkbeard can be found lurking in the shadows! Therefore this is a dive not to be missed!

You can expect to find: Caves, underwater swim through, sometimes angel sharks, groupers, barracudas


Shore dive

Depth: 0-40 m

Suitable for: Open Water Divers and above

Blue Hole | Dive Sites Lanzarote


Cathedral | Lanzarote Diving Sites | Dive Prices Lanzarote

The Cathedral is a cavern dive just off the coast of Puerto del Carmen. The famous blue contrasting against the arch is one of the most stunning views in all of the dive sites in Lanzarote. There are many unique points of interests that must be seen first hand! For instance inside the cavern you can find fairy basslet fish swimming upside down! After spending time inside the cavern continue to the bubble garden which you can find above the roof of the Cathedral. Now you are swimming through your exhaled breath! As it is slowly escaping through the volcanic rock!

You can expect to find: Caverns, groupers, bubble garden, nudibranchs

Shore dive

Depth: 0-30 m

Suitable for: Advanced open water divers and above

Cathedral | Dive sites Lanzarote

Orange Coral

Lanzarote Diving | Manta Dive Centre

The Red Coral is a stunning branching coral that is protected in a cave around 28 metres and is easily missed, however don’t worry your expert dive guide will show you its hiding place! Nearby there is also a commerative plaque and urn and a couple of colourful anemones. After exploring these, head back up to Playa Chica and you will pass over Rene’s wreck. Usually you can find seahorses or octopuses hanging out at the metal grid, so definitely make sure you save enough air to visit them on your way back!

You can expect to find: Orange coral, groupers, sometimes angel sharks and rays on the sand banks, anemones

Shore dive

Depth: 0-30 m

Suitable for: Open Water and above

Orange coral | Lanzarote dive sites Puerto del Carmen

Grouper Run

Divemaster Lanzarote | Manta Dive Centre

Grouper run is one of the best dive sites to dive on Nitrox. A mix of 32% is perfect, allowing you to spend as much time as possible at 30 metres. Explore the wall from the Cathedral round to the start of Ritchies Reef. Look under the overhangs and you can find large clusters of macaronesian encrusting anemones. Spend some time over the top of the sandbanks, in the past sun fish have been spotted here. Tuna and amberjacks have regularly been seen rushing past too!

You can expect to find: Trumpetfish, groupers, sometimes amberjacks, tuna

Shore dive

Depth: 0-30 m

Suitable for: Advanced open water diver and above

Grouper run | Diving sites Lanzarote


Waikiki | Puerto Del Carmen Dive Sites | Dive Prices Lanzarote

Waikiki is home to one of the shallowest orange corals in Europe. A huge branching coral is hiding in the reef at 16 metres. Ultimately this dive site is known for being awesome for the marine life that can be seen here regularly! Trumpetfish can be found hiding in the crevices. As well as this explore the sand banks and see if you can find stingrays and angel sharks. Also amongst the crevices there are several colourful anemones.

You can expect to find: Trumpetfish, stingrays, leopard spotted nudibranchs

Boat dive

Depth: 0-30 m

Suitable for: Open Water Divers and above

Dive Sites Lanzarote | Waikiki

Harbour Wrecks

PADI Course Lanzarote - Scuba Diving in Lanzarote

If you love diving wrecks you must visit the Puerto Del Carmen Wrecks. Just a 2 minute boat ride from the old town harbour, there is a set of around 6 wrecks that sunk in the 1970’s especially for scuba divers! In the distance you maybe lucky to find angel sharks or common stingrays resting in the sand. Overall this is a great diving experience for both novice and experienced divers with wrecks sitting from 15-40m!

You can expect to find: 6 wrecks, propeller, barracudas, nudibranchs, angel sharks, rays 

Boat dive

Depth: 0-30 m

Suitable for: Open Water Divers and above

Dive Sites Lanzarote | Harbour Wrecks

Playa Blanca Dive Sites

We offer guided dives from Playa Blanca for certified divers. We have a 2 tank dive on Wednesdays and Saturdays (8:00-14:00) or single tank dives to the underwater museum in the afternoon on request (13:30-17:00)


Come diving with us and explore the amazing sculptures created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor at the Museo Atlantico. Europe’s first underwater museum! Lanzarote’s newest and most unique dive site in Playa Blanca – a must dive for all divers!

The Museo Atlantico is an underwater museum that was created by Jason, aiming to create a strong visual dialogue between art and nature. Throughout the design process conservation was at the front of his mind. For this reason he wanted to create an artificial reef on a large scale. Since the first sculptures were installed in March 2016 the marine life has increased in diversity by over 200%! The underwater museum is now home to large shoals of barracuda, sardines and axillary seabream. Now there are regular sightings of angel sharks, rays and triggerfish. Along with octopus and moray eels which can be found living inside the sculptures.

Boat dive

Depth: 0-15 m

Suitable for: Scuba Diver and above

Museo Atlantico | Underwater museum lanzarote route

Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas | Diving Playa Blanca Lanzarote

Las Coloradas is the closest dive site to the Museo Atlantico and has benefited from the new artificial reef. The marine life has become attracted to the sculptures and has overflowed onto the Coloradas Reef. There are 2 attractions to this reef. Firstly all the overhangs, where you can find anemones and rays hiding away, and an awesome swim through as well. The topography is stunning and completely different to Playa Chica. Then the other side is the endless white sand where you can find the angel sharks and rays hanging out!

You can expect to find: volcanic swim-throughs, colourful anemones, common Atlantic stingrays, angel sharks

Boat dive

Depth: 0-18 m

Suitable for: Open water and Advanced Open Water

Dive Sites in Playa Blanca | Las Coloradas

Punta Berrugo

Punta Berruga | Dive Playa Blanca Lanzarote

Descending down the anchor line you can spot the immense cave straight away, have a good look around in here as usually you can find a common stingray or two! Continue along the reef and you will dive through some large shoals of fish. The topography on this dive is breathtaking and there are many crevices for you to swim in between. Don’t forget to take a look underneath and you maybe lucky to find a moray or maybe even the elusive fang tooth moray!

You can expect to find: caverns, morays, common Atlantic stingrays, bastard grunts, african striped grunts.

Boat dive

Depth: 0-18 m

Suitable for: Open water and Advanced Open Water

Dive Sites Playa Blanca | Punta Berrugo

Playa Flamingo

Dive Playa Flamingo | Dive Lanzarote

“It’s like diving in an aquarium” this is the most common phrase we hear after surfacing from a dive at Playa Flamingo! It is an awesome dive site teeming with marine life. You can regularly find huge shoals of colourful tropical fish surrounding you. As well as morays hiding under the rocks and rays hanging out on the sand.

You can expect to find: common Atlantic stingrays, angel sharks, bastard grunts, african striped grunts, octopus

Shore dive

Depth: 0-18 m

Suitable for: Open water and Advanced Open Water

Dive Sites Playa Blanca | Playa Flamingo

La Graciosa Dive Sites

We offer full day excursions for certified divers to La Graciosa starting at 7:00 finishing around 17:00 and includes 2 boat dives. There is a minimum number of 5 divers for the excursion to run.

Veril de las langostas

PADI Naturalist Speciality Course | Manta Diving Lanzarote

Lobster Cliff is the most southerly reef in the Cliff of Needles and provides many picturesque areas to dive in. This dive is known for its rock formations and its abundance of fish. Take your time looking in the caves and crevices and you may find the slipper lobster. Bastard grunt shelter in the amphitheater. One of the highlights of these dives is seeing the yellow gorgonian fans waiting in the sand against the current. They also shelter tiny shrimp and snails that can easily be missed due to their tiny size.

You can expect to find: slipper lobster, common Atlantic stingrays, bastard grunts 

Boat dive

Depth: 0-18 m

Suitable for: Open water and Advanced Open Water

Veril de las Langostas | La Graciosa Dive Sites

Veril de las Anclas

Dive La Graciosa | Manta Diving Lanzarote

The reef of the anchors gets its name from the anchors scattered throughout this dive site. The area is of archeological interest because of the anchors and amphora’s. Between the XVI and XVIII centuries the Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans would sail through the area.  El Rio was a strategic place for them to anchor. Preferring to cut the line and lose the anchor then to be plundered by pirates that crossed these waters.

You can expect to find: slipper lobster, common Atlantic stingrays, red hogfish, grouper, parrotfish and brown meager. 

Boat dive

Depth: 0-18 m

Suitable for: Open water and Advanced Open Water

Veril de las anclas | Diving La Graciosa

Frequently asked questions about diving in lanzarote

What are the diving conditions in Lanzarote like?

The visibility is usually around 15 metres plus all year round.


The water temperature is approximately:

January – 19°C

February – 19°C

March – 19°C

April – 19°C

May – 20°-21°C

June – 20-22°C

July – 22-23°C

August – 23-24°C

September – 23-24°C

October – 22-23°C

November – 22-23°C

December – 20-21°C

Is it possible to go diving in Lanzarote all year round?

Yes, diving in Lanzarote is possible all year! We are fortunate we have a 12 month diving season and are open all year round. We only close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Are the dives from boat or from shore?

The majority of the dive sites in Lanzarote are from shore. Playa Chica is our house reef, only 100 metres from our dive centre. From here there are around 10 different dive sites from shore. As well as this we offer dive sites from boat in Puerto Del Carmen and Playa Blanca. Some of the boat dives in Puerto Del Carmen include Waikiki, El Pared and the Harbour Wrecks. In Playa Blanca, the boat dives include El Emisario, Punta Berruga, Las Coloradas and the Museo Atlantico.

What wetsuits do you use?

In the summer months we wear 5mm full wetsuits from Aqualung.

In the winter months we also have hoods and a 4mm shorty that we can add on top to ensure you are warm during the dives.

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