The Cathedral

The Cathedral is a cavern dive just off the coast of Puerto del Carmen. The famous blue contrasting against the arch is one of the most stunning views in all of the dive sites in Lanzarote. There are many unique points of interests that must be seen first hand! For instance inside the Cathedral you can find fairy basslet fish swimming upside down! After spending time inside the cavern continue to the bubble garden which you can find above the roof of the Cathedral. Now you are swimming through your exhaled breath! As it is slowly escaping through the volcanic rock!

You can expect to find: Caverns, groupers, bubble garden, nudibranchs


Shore Dive

Minimum Certification

Open Water or above

Maximum Depth

18-30 metres (depending on certification)

Diving Information:

Schedule: We have dives available Monday to Saturday at 9:00, 11:30 and 15:00.

Nitrox 30% is available free of charge for divers with Nitrox certification.

Boat dives in Puerto Del Carmen are free of charge on our own trimaran hard boat – the only one of it’s kind in Puerto Del Carmen!


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