Back in 2013 Amelia joined us for the PADI discover scuba dive. Since then she’s had Lanzarote’s diving bug and been coming back for more!

Within 6 months she was back for more diving in Lanzarote and became a PADI open water diver. A couple of years later Advanced and this year it was time for the PADI Deep diver course!

The PADI Deep diver course is a great fun diving course, consisting of 4 dives. During the 4 dives you get to dive to 40 metres for the first time. As well as looking at the effects of colours, pressure and of course the narcosis test! One of the awesome things to watch on this course is seeing an egg cracked at 30 metres. Unfortunately we can’t tell you about it, you have to experience it for yourself!

Amelia had a great time diving Lanzarote’s deeper dive sites. Especially the Grouper Run by the Fariones. The amount of huge groupers to see was incredible! Plus the trumpetfish. Also let’s not forget the cute dancing octopus!


Lanzarote diving | PADI deep course
Lanzarote diving | PADI deep course

Well done Amelia! One step closer to becoming a PADI divemaster! Next up Rescue! We’ve had a great week taking you and the rest of the family to experience Lanzarote diving. We can’t wait to see you all next time!