Haiyu has been diving with Manta Diving Lanzarote for almost 10 years now. Each time coming back, being welcomed to the family! She loves Lanzarote diving and exploring the ocean and we love having her diving with us!

Earlier in the year she brought Steve with her to experience scuba diving for the first time. Steve quickly passed his PADI scuba diver course and they had an amazing time diving in Lanzarote together. After getting back home and the holiday blues setting in, Haiyu and Steve made the decision to come back to Manta Diving Lanzarote for another trip. This time to upgrade Steve to Open Water and for Haiyu to do her PADI Deep course.

Steve is a complete natural in the water and quickly passed his PADI open water course. Meanwhile Haiyu had a fantastic time diving to 40 metres for the first time. After both PADI courses were passed they spent the rest of the week as diving buddies and exploring our dive sites, including a couple of dives in Playa Blanca!


On the last dive Steve had a surprise for Haiyu! It was time to get engaged!

After enlisting our help, Patrick was ready to photograph and James was hovering nearby. Steve was planning on proposing to Haiyu at the Harbour Wrecks! How incredible is that on his 12th dive! And most importantly she said YES! Congratulations to our latest engaged scuba diving couple!

Steve welcome to our Manta Diving Lanzarote family! It’s fantastic seeing how happy you both are together and we love you sharing your diving passion! We can’t wait to see you both in 2019 for Haiyu’s 10th anniversary for diving with Manta! Cake is definitely in order!

In the meantime good luck with wedding planning and we heard an underwater wedding is a pretty cool thing to do!!