Diving Medical 2022

New Scuba Diving Medical for 2022

Great news! The WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) has just updated the diving medical. This latest update is really good news, as before if you had Covid you had to tick yes and automatically needed a doctor’s certificate before you could return to diving. 

Instead, the diving medical now asks: 

I have had problems with my lungs, breathing, heart and/or blood affecting my normal physical or mental performance. 

If you answer no then you don’t need a doctor’s certificate for Covid. 

If you answer yes to this then you go to section A. Which asks: 

  • Chest surgery, heart surgery, heart valve surgery, an implantable medical device (eg, stent, pacemaker, neurostimulator), pneumothorax, and/or chronic lung disease.
  • Asthma, wheezing, severe allergies, hay fever or congested airways within the last 12 months that limits my physical activity/exercise.
  • A problem or illness involving my heart such as: angina, chest pain on exertion, heart failure, immersion pulmonary edema, heart attack or stroke, OR am taking medication for any heart condition.
  • Recurrent bronchitis and currently coughing within the past 12 months, OR have been diagnosed with emphysema.
  • Symptoms affecting my lungs, breathing, heart and/or blood in the last 30 days that impair my physical or mental performance.

If you can answer no to all of these then you do not need to get a doctor’s certificate before diving because of covid. 

If you can answer a yes to any one of these points then you will need a doctor’s certificate stating that you are fit to dive, dated from within the past 12 months.

Who needs to complete this diving medical?

Anyone who is going scuba diving. If you are joining us for

Then you will need to complete a diving medical before diving with us. 

You can view the full medical statement by clicking the link below:

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