Nora is well on her way to PADI Master Scuba Diver!

SSI Perfect Buoyancy Adventure Dive Lanzarote - Advanced Adventurer in Lanzarote

Nora is well on her way to  PADI Master Scuba Diver!

Nora’s at her peak after her peak performance buoyancy course!

Nora first tried scuba diving with us last year…

her partner John has dived for many years and during this time he had tried several times to persuade her to give it a go. Finally it was the right time for her to try it! Heading off for a PADI discover scuba dive with George and before you knew it she was hooked! Straight into her PADI open water course, only a few days later she was certified! She hasn’t stopped diving since!

Planning on heading out on a live aboard later in the year Nora thought it would be a good idea to perfect her buoyancy control and get nitrox certified. So she came back to us at Manta Diving Lanzarote for more diving in Lanzarote!

First up was the PADI peak performance buoyancy speciality

Dive 1 was all about fine-tuning the hover, practicing breathing control to help her buoyancy. After a surface interval it was time to jump back into the ocean. But this time the hoops were coming with them. Was it for an underwater hula-hooping competition? No! It was to practice streamlining and adjusting buoyancy only on breath control. After a full in depth briefing about trim position, lung capacity and correct weighting combined with visualisation and finning techniques, Nora was able to adapt these to a style which helped her effortlessly glide through the hoops. She has since adopted this style full time, which has allowed her better buoyancy, better air consumption and a more fun relaxed dive.

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course with Manta Diving Lanzarote | Scuba diving in Lanzarote

Nora spent the next few days diving in Lanzarote – fun diving, practicing her new skills

The most memorable dive had to be the Blue Hole. During this dive George and Nora spotted 8 angel sharks! How incredible is that? 8 critically endangered sharks in 1 dive! While Nora was looking at a seahorse one of the angel sharks even swam less than a metre in front of her! Definitely a dive we are not going to forget any time soon!

On Nora’s penultimate day it was time for her PADI enriched air diver course

After completing her theory it was off to the Blue hole with James. One of the biggest benefits of diving on enriched air (nitrox) is being able to stay deeper for longer. Thankfully today they were on enriched air so that they could spend longer by the Blue Hole and because of this they saw a huge school of barracudas circling overhead. On their way back up they spotted an angel shark and a seahorse!

After a quick chat they decided to go to the Little Wreck for the second enriched air dive. Spotting lots of groupers and even a torpedo ray! After the dives they felt nice and fresh and ready for another fun dive in the afternoon – this was another benefit of the nitrox!

Well done Nora! You’re now 2 steps closer to PADI Master Scuba Diver!
Master Scuba Diver: PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course with Manta Diving Lanzarote | Scuba diving in Lanzarote

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