SSI Advanced Adventurer Diving Course

Are you open water certified and ready to continue your diving adventure? 

Dive deeper, exploring shipwrecks, diving at night, taking photos! Therese are just some of the things you can experience during your SSI Advanced Adventurer course! During your Advanced Adventurer course you will complete 5 adventure dives plus 1 free dive over 3 mornings. 

1. perfect buoyancy

Are you ready to take your scuba diving skills to the next level? If so, then you’re in for a treat! On your first morning of your scuba diving adventure, we will begin with the Perfect Buoyancy Adventure Dive. Buoyancy is an incredibly important skill to have when diving. It is the ability to stay neutrally buoyant in the water, something that can be a challenge for many divers. It is crucial to be able to maintain your buoyancy so you can be comfortable and manoeuver through the water with ease. During this dive, you will participate in different buoyancy games and exercises. These exercises will help you practice your hovering and finning techniques so you can improve your air consumption and feel more relaxed during the rest of your dives. This dive will also help you to become more aware of how your body is positioned in the water, and how you can use your fins and breathing to control your buoyancy. At the end of the dive, you will have a better understanding of how to maintain your buoyancy and stay comfortable as you move through the water. This dive is a great way to start off your adventure, and it will give you the skills to make the most of your dives in the future.

SSI Perfect Buoyancy Adventure Dive Lanzarote - Advanced Adventurer in Lanzarote
SSI Advanced Adventurer Program - Underwater navigation - practice your navigation skills

2. underwater navigation

Have you ever wondered how your instructor always gets you back to the exit without surfacing? Top-notch navigational skills is the answer! Navigating underwater is an essential skill for any diver, and it’s important to practice and hone your skills to ensure a safe and enjoyable dive.

During your surface interval, your instructor will help you understand how to get around underwater and how to use a compass to do so. They will start by explaining how to use a compass and how to orient yourself. You will practice how to read the compass in relation to where you’re going and how to use the bearing that you’re given to get from point A to point B. You will also learn how to use the compass to navigate back to the exit point.

Once you are confident, it’s time to jump back into Playa Chica and practice navigating! You will practice finding your way around a dive site and how to use a compass to get back to the exit point. Your instructor will also be able to help you identify the best reference points and landmarks to help you get back to the exit safely and efficiently. By the end of the dive, you will have a good understanding of how to use a compass and how to orient yourself underwater. Navigational skills are an essential part of diving and an important part of staying safe underwater.

3. Deep Diving

Welcome to day two of your SSI Advanced Adventurer course! After a successful first day of mastering the basics, today you’ll take your first dive beyond 18 metres. You’ll be diving at La Pared, one of the stunning dive sites in Puerto Del Carmen and home to some of the most beautiful marine life. With your instructor by your side and our trimaran hard boat as your base, you’ll slowly drop down the descent line before gradually following the reef down to 30 metres. As you explore the wall, you’ll be amazed by the array of colourful marine life that can be found here. From the majestic grouper that hang around the reef to the vibrant parrotfish, La Pared is a paradise for all underwater explorers. You may even be lucky enough to spot a stingray or angel shark on your dive!

But it doesn’t stop at the marine life – La Pared is also home to a number of spectacular underwater rock formations that are sure to amaze even the most experienced divers. As you swim around these unique formations, you’ll be able to appreciate their sheer beauty and marvel at their intricate details. So take a deep breath, dive in and enjoy the beauty of La Pared with Manta Diving Lanzarote. On this dive, you’ll be able to test your improved buoyancy control, air consumption and navigation skills as well as explore a truly remarkable underwater world.

Grouper | Cathedral | Where to dive in Lanzarote
Dive the Harbour Wrecks in Lanzarote - Wreck Diving Puerto Del Carmen

4. and 5. your choice!

The last 2 adventure dives, we want you to choose! We want to help you find your passion underwater! Choose from:

  • Photo and Video – learn the basics of underwater photography using one of our GoPro 10’s or Olympus TG6 and take home your photos and videos. Capture your memories forever and show your friends and family all the amazing sights you have seen!
  • Fish Identification – do you want to learn more about the marine life that you have encountered on your dives? With our fish identification dive, you will be able to name the species you have seen and share your adventures with others.
  • Wreck Diving – are you ready to explore your first ever wreck? Our Harbour Wrecks are waiting for you! With 5 wrecks to discover, you will learn how to navigate a wreck safely and identify all the points of interest.
  • Waves, tides and currents – learn how to dive safely in different conditions such as drift diving and become a confident diver.
  • Nitrox 32% – Nitrox is a higher concentration of oxygen than regular air, so it allows divers to stay underwater longer, and can help to reduce the risk of decompression sickness.
  • Search and Recovery – discover how to locate missing objects on dives – a valuable skill for any diver.

Key Information About the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course

Course Schedule:

Day 1: (8:30 – 13:00)

Dive 1 – Perfect Buoyancy Dive – Shore Dive Playa Chica

Dive 2 – Underwater Navigation Dive – Shore Dive Playa Chica

Day 2: (8:30 – 13:00)

Dive 1 – Deep Dive – Boat Dive – La Pared

Dive 2 – Your first choice – Boat Dive Punta Tiñosa or Ritchie’s Reef

Day 3: (8:30 – 13:00)

Dive 1 – Your second choice – Boat Dive – Harbour Wrecks or Los Arcos

Dive 2 – Your free dive – Boat Dive – Tiñosa Reef or Waikiki

We have SSI Advanced Adventurer courses starting every Monday and Thursday. 


3 mornings from 8:30-13:00.

Minimum Age:

From 12 years old you can complete the SSI Advanced Adventurer Diving Course


Good general health, if you can answer no to all the points on this medical that’s perfect! If you can answer a yes on page 1 you will need to complete page 2 and 3 as well. 

Group Size:

Learn to dive in small groups so that you can develop excellent diving skills and maximising your fun in a friendly and safe environment.


Discounts for 2 more people


SSI Digital Student Materials
5 Adventure Dives
Free Dive after the course
No extra charges for boat dives (P.D.C.)
Equipment Hire
Photos of you Underwater
Manta Diving T-shirt
Insurance for course duration

Frequently Asked Questions about the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course:

Yes, all of our SSI courses include the Digital Student Materials and you can study all the theory online before you arrive, saving your precious holiday time!

The adventure dives are fun! We will complete some exercises during them, for example on the deep dive we will look at the effects of pressure and colour at depth. The perfect buoyancy dive we will play buoyancy games to improve your buoyancy control and your air consumption.

Included in our SSI Advanced Adventurer course is:

  • SSI Digital Student Materials
  • Full equipment hire
  • 5 Adventure Dives plus 1 free fun dive!
  • No extra charges for boat dives in Puerto Del Carmen
  • Full instruction from your SSI instructor
  • SSI Digital Certification Card
  • Small class sizes
  • Insurance for course duration

You just need to bring:

Change of clothes for afterwards
Open Water certification card or equivalent

You can complete the SSI Advanced Adventurer course in 3 mornings from 8:30-13:00.

Yes, SSI recommends waiting for at least 24 hours after diving.

SSI PADI Diving Courses Lanzarote

Reviews of the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course:

Petra Advanced Course Lanzarote | Manta Dive Centre Lanzarote

Will come back again! What a pleasure to write this review! Me and my husband just came back from a diving holiday in Lanzarote. After reading positive reviews on this site, we decided to book our advanced courses with these guys. We felt welcomed from very beginning, everything was explained to us so there wasn't a moment when we wouldn't know what was happening. All equipment was in great condition.We have done 6 dives, completed our certifications and left Lanzarote with loads of new skills.As an awesome bonus, Rachel and Ariel have been taking photos on all dives we had together and what a great surprise when we got home and seen them! They are amazing!Some of the thing we saw: angel sharks, seahorse, trumpet fish, barracuda, trigger fish, grouper fish and many others.Thank you

Kieran PADI Advanced open water course lanzarote | Manta Diving Lanzarote

Completed my open water course in September and then returned in October to complete my advanced open water. All members of the team at the Manta dive centre were very helpful and friendly. They are very easy going and tailored the advanced course round the days of my holiday.Having little experience diving and attending the centre on my own everyone was very welcoming and answers all questions without any hassle. Additionally my instructor was excellent very relaxed and clearly enjoys his job. He was clear and concise with his instructions as well as having a good bit of banter at the same time.I really enjoyed both courses and would highly recommend completing diving courses here or booking in for a dive if visiting the area. I will hopefully get a chance to return in the future.

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