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Take your SSI Advanced Open water program in lanzarote!

Perfect your buoyancy, improve your air consumption, dive deeper to 40 metres! Therese are just some of the things you can experience during your SSI Advanced Open Water program! 

While the rest of the certifying agencies in their Advanced Open Water Diver programs only offer 5 adventure dives of 5 different specialties, the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver program consists of 4 specialty courses each with at least 2 dives per specialty.


Dive in! MySSI is the best scuba diving app to learn to scuba dive. Before you arrive in Lanzarote, complete the theory online and study each of the specialities at your own pace, in your own time. That way when you arrive we can jump straight into the water!

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Perfect Buoyancy Speciality Diving Course Lanzarote - Manta Diving Lanzarote

Perfect buoyancy

Day 1: We will start with the SSI Perfect Buoyancy specialty. We will spend 2 dives fine tuning your buoyancy control and improving your air consumption so that you are ready to dive deeper than 18 metres!

Deep diver speciality

Day 2 and 3: After you have completed the Perfect Buoyancy specialty we will complete the Deep Diver specialty. Over 3 dives, we will gradually increase your depth limit while helping you to plan your dives and dive the plan! You will learn how to calculate your Surface Air Consumption rate (SAC rate) so that you know that you have sufficient air supply to make the dives that you plan. Afterwards you are then certified to dive to 40 metres. 
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Harbour Wrecks - Old Wrecks Puerto Del Carmen | Lanzarote Wreck Diving

Nitrox Speciality

The Nitrox speciality is a theory based course, however we also include a dive for it so that you can see the benefits of diving on Nitrox! After you have completed your third deep dive we will go for a fun dive! 

During all the specialities you will complete 5 of your dives on Nitrox 30%.

Your choice!

Day 4:Your third speciality you can choose, depending on what interests you! Choose from: Wreck Diving, Navigation Diving or Photo and Video. During this course you will complete 2 dives about your chosen speciality.
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Key Information About the SSI Advanced Open Water Course

Are you ready to take your diving skills to the next level? Become a better diver by furthering your diving education and gaining more experience under the ocean with the SSI Advanced Open Water program.


8 dives over 4 days


  • Open Water Diver
  • Have 16 logged dives
  • From 15 years old you can complete the SSI Advanced Open Water Program


Good general health, if you can answer no to all the points on this medical that’s perfect! If you can answer a yes on page 1 you will need to complete page 2 and 3 as well. 

Group Size:

Learn to dive in small groups so that you can develop excellent diving skills and maximising your fun in a friendly and safe environment.



SSI Digital Student Materials for the 4 courses
4 Specialty Courses (includes 8 dives - 5 of which are from our boat in Puerto Del Carmen)
Equipment Hire
Photos of you Underwater
Manta Diving T-shirt
Insurance for duration of the courses
SSI Advanced Open Water Printed Card

Frequently Asked Questions about the SSI Advanced Open Water Program

Yes, all of our SSI courses include the Digital Student Materials and you can study all the theory online before you arrive, saving your precious holiday time!

Included in our SSI Advanced Advanced Open Water Program is:

SSI Digital Student Materials

Full equipment hire

4 SSI specialities (including 8 dives)

Full instruction from your SSI instructor 

SSI Digital Certification Card for the 4 courses  

SSI Advanced Open Water Certification Card – Printed

Insurance for course duration

You just need to bring:

Change of clothes for afterwards
SSI Open Water certification card or equivalent
Minimum of 16 logged dives (if you don’t have the minimum dives get in touch and we can create a custom package to get you to the minimum of 24 dives to get the Advanced Open Water certification).

You can complete the SSI Advanced Open Water Program is 4 days! Diving 2 dives on each day from 8:30-13:00.

Yes, SSI recommends waiting for at least 24 hours after diving.

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