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Open Water Course

Get your licence to scuba dive!

SSI PADI Diving Courses LanzaroteSSI PADI Diving Courses Lanzarote

Learn to dive in 3 days!

SSI Open Water Course Lanzarote - Learn to dive in LanzaroteSSI Open Water Course Lanzarote - Learn to dive in Lanzarote

Start your adventure today!

SSI Open Water Course Lanzarote - Learn to dive in LanzaroteSSI Open Water Course Lanzarote - Learn to dive in Lanzarote

SSI Open Water Diving Course

Your diving adventure starts here with the SSI Open Water Course

Are you ready to start your diving adventure and discover a completely new world, hidden just below the surface? Get your licence to scuba dive & explore the worlds oceans! Learning to dive is a lot of fun. During your open water diver course you will learn the skills you need to dive safely with your buddy.

1. Theory

Dive in! MySSI is the best scuba diving app to learn to scuba dive. Before you arrive in Lanzarote, complete 6 chapters online and learn all the basic principles of scuba diving. How to use the equipment, safety rules and what to do in an emergency, gaining all the necessary knowledge to become a safe diver. 

SSI Scuba Diving Course Lanzarote - Elearning - Study anywhere
SSI Scuba Course | Manta Diving Lanzarote PADI 5* Dive Centre in Puerto Del Carmen

2. Confined water training dives

During your 6 confined water dives your instructor will guide you through the basics of setting up equipment, breathing underwater and resolving problems. You will complete these dives in Playa Chica bay surrounded by the fish, your adventure begins!


3. open water training dives

Let’s go for 4 open water dives and start exploring Lanzarote’s stunning ocean! 

In these dives, you will repeat some of the skills you learnt in your confined training, develop your buoyancy control, and start exploring the wonders of the underwater world!

SSI Advanced Adventurer program in Lanzarote - PADI Advanced open water Puerto Del Carmen Lanzarote
Grouper | Cathedral | Where to dive in Lanzarote


Day 1: 

8:30-13:00 – Confined water dives 1-3 & Open Water Dive 1

Day 2: 

8:30-13:00 – Confined water dives 4-6 & Open Water Dive 2

14:30-16:30 – Open Water Dive 3

Day 3: 

8:30-13:00 – Open Water 4 & Free fun dive!

Your final day will be boat dives, so that you get to experience both shore and boat dives during your course. Maximising your learning potential!

You can start the open water course every day except Sunday!


Discounts for 2 or more people


Digital Student Materials
Cressi Z1 Mask (60€ RRP)
Manta Diving T-shirt
Free Dive after the course
Insurance for course duration
Equipment Hire
Photos of you Underwater
Digital Logbook

Why do the open water course with MAnta DIVING?

  • SSI Dive Centre Lanzarote - Lanzarote Dive Sites

    Location, Location, Location

    Our dive centre is located just 2 minutes walk from the best dives in Lanzarote, our house reefs Playa Chica and El Poril. Enjoy the use of our facilities before and after your dives, including hot showers, toilets, lockers and indoor changing facilities.

  • Dive Centre Lanzarote - Best located dive centre in Puerto Del Carmen

    Multilingual Dive Team

    The Open Water course can be taught in English, Spanish, French or Italian

  • Certified Diver - Guided Dives in Lanzarote

    Our open water course package is unmatched!

    We pride ourselves on giving value with our open water course package. You receive more with us than any other dive centre in Lanzarote. You receive photos of you underwater, Manta Diving t-shirt, Cressi Z1 mask (recommended retail price of 60€), plus a free dive on your final day of the open water course!

  • Boat Dive - Lanzarote Dive Sites - Puerto Del Carmen, Playa Blanca, Underwater Museum

    Dive from shore and boat during your course

    Your final dive of your course and your free dive will be boat dives, from our custom built trimaran, so that you get to experience both shore and boat dives during your course. Maximising your learning potential!

  • Small diving groups in Lanzarote - Manta Diving Lanzarote

    Safety first - Small Groups

    The most important thing to us is your safety. For this reason we teach you to dive in small groups.

key information about the
SSI open water course


From 10 years old you can complete the SSI Open Water Course


Learn to dive in small groups so that you can develop excellent diving skills and maximising your fun in a friendly and safe environment.


3 mornings from 8:30-13:00.  On 2nd day also 14:30-16:30. 


Good general health, if you can answer no to all the points on this medical that’s perfect! If you can answer a yes to questions, 3,5 or 10 or any of the questions on  page 2 you need to get a doctor’s certificate prior to any in water training. 

What can I say bad about this school...well, nothing. Simply incredible After searching thoroughly for a diving school in Lanzarote when I was planning my vacation (believe me, I searched a lot), I found this school to decide to take the step and take the Open Water Diver course with my partner. Since I booked the course from my home they have been in contact at all times and when I finally arrived in Lanzarote the experience could not have been better; The entire team (including those I did not have the pleasure of meeting) was dedicated to helping us acquire the best knowledge possible in the world of diving. I have to thank above all Vicente and Víctor for the treatment given and the knowledge transmitted, although I will also not fail to mention the rest of the team that I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and Ciro and Carlitos. In general, you are the best, the collegiality and joke that you show among yourselves reflects the confidence necessary for your students to lose their fear of water and improve in the world of diving. In short, I brought back to La Rioja not only an SSI certification, but one of the best diving experiences of my life. A pleasure guys and I hope to see you again soon!
Second time at Manta. After taking up Try Scuba Diving in November last year - which was fantastic - I decided to come back 4 months later to do my OW certificate. Last time Victor, and Adam did a brilliant job hooking me up with diving and although initially I thought that I'll expand my skills while traveling to different spots - I already know that when it comes to training - I'll always come back to Manta Diving Lanzarote! This time I was under the wings of an absolute rock star of an instructor - Samuel. His contagious energy and positive attitude, his unmatched level of patience when you're screwing up and his approach to you that makes you immediately understand your mistakes and learn from them without feeling stupid - to say he provides great service would be an understatement, because it goes way beyond service. It's an experience. Also the shop is right next to the beach, which makes it so easy to start your dive or use the toilet between dives. Equipment is top notch, atmosphere is so fun and friendly, that from the start you feel like you just belong there. On top of everything - nothing for them seems like too much to ask for. They will always walk an extra mile... STOP! Extra light year, to make sure you're happy and you get things right! Now I don't even as much as consider going elsewhere with my future courses. Why bother? I stroke gold with first pick! Don't believe me? Read any other of 550 straight five stars reviews, ask yourself how many businesses with hundreds of google revievs you've seen, that AVERAGE full 5 stars, and come to your own conclusion. Extra shout out to the legend that is Victor, for spending extra time with me to explain me the rules of perfect buoyancy as after that remaining neutrally buoyant became to me almost instinctive.
Adam Bak
Had a fab time diving with Manta Diving. Puerto del Carmen is fabulous for clear, calm water with so much marine life to see. The dive centre is on the doorstep so you have a great base in between dives (and there are hot showers- great when it’s a bit chilly). All the equipment is in top notch condition - no leaky masks or uncomfortable boots. Best of all though is the team. Really willing to go out of their way to help and they take it personally that you have the best diving experience possible - which they succeed at. Really can’t rate Manta Diving highly enough. ❤️🤿🫧
Susan Hammond
It was AWESOME! Before deciding to come to Lanzarote to do the certification with Manta Diving Lanzarote we considered different places but I’m glad we choose them. Everything was great from beginning to end. The reception, the instructors, the ambience, the good positive energy during all the days, the equipment…it was just good…very good. Altough the centre seems quite small in the beginning, it is so organised that after a while it starts to seem bigger. But the best part of it was being instructed by Sam (Samuel). Sam is the kind of person you want to be around. His positive energy, his good vibe and sense of humor makes everything feel easier. Despite that he is able to teach and guide you trough all the little details and pieces of information you need to succeed while getting certified. With him you feel safe and confident that you can do it. His sense of responsibility and his ability/experience as a diver also makes it safer and easier to understand. So thanks Sam, for everything. That does not exclude all the other amazing instructors in the centre that we spoke with and that helped us with anything we needed everytime we needed. Whoever stays with you, you’ll be in good hands. In the end, we were lucky to have chosen this dive centre.
Hugo Pereira
Kids and I spent several days with Manta Diving and had a wonderful experience. I did the open water diving course, my son did the SSI advanced Adventurer and nitrox courses, and my daughter (who already has her courses) joined us for several dives. This was thanks to the school/dive center and instructors who are top notch : professional, friendly, helpful, and fun! i went from a hesitant, "too old for this", insecure beginner to a confident, less old, diver in a few days. As just one example, , I dreaded allowing any water into my mask for the first couple lessons / dives. But by the end, i could confidently remove my mask, swim for a bit, replace and clear the mask without a worry at all. Thanks to Vicente giving me confidence! Having the confidence that comes with knowledge and experience transforms diving from a challenge to a relaxed, more enjoyable experience. Manta was great for this. We'll definitely be back for more adventures!
Dom Tobey

Frequently Asked Questions about the Open Water Course

Yes, our open water course includes the digital student materials, so you can complete the theory online before you arrive in Lanzarote. Saving you a full day in the classroom! Meaning that when you arrive in Lanzarote you can jump straight underwater. 

Confined Dives: There are 6 confined dives. We complete them in the shallow water of Playa Chica bay, surrounded by the fish. During these dives you will learn a series of diving skills such as clearing water from your mask, buoyancy control & recovering your regulator. Also you will practice some emergency skills, like sharing air (just in case). By the time we’re done, you’re ready to hit the ocean with a splash!

Open Water Dives: After your confined water fun, you will make 5 open water dives (Note: the open water course only requires 4 open water dives, we include 1 more dive for free!) When we say “open water”, we mean the beautiful blue ocean! You start shallow and gradually go deeper. The maximum depth in the course is 18 metres. (12m for 10 and 11 year olds). Now you can experience real underwater adventures! We explore some of the amazing dive sites from Playa Chica.

Included in our Open Water Diver course price is:

  • Digital Student Materials – E-learning
  • Diving Insurance for the course duration
  • Cressi Z1 mask for you to keep! These have an RRP of 60€. 
  • Full equipment hire
  • Instruction from a certified SSI instructor
  • SSI Digital Certification Card
  • Digital Logbook
  • Small class sizes

You just need to bring:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes for afterwards
  • Water and Snacks

We will break for lunch for at least 1 hour. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and supermarkets where you can get something to eat.

Yes! As scuba divers we wear fins and a BCD (a jacket which you can fill with air), so there’s not much need for regular swimming. There is however a swimming test to make sure you are happy in the water. You need to be able to float/tread water for 10 minutes and swim 200 metres or snorkel 300 metres. In general you should be comfortable in the water and you should be fit and healthy with no medical issues.

It is recommended by SSI to wait at least 24 hours after your last dive before flying. 


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