Well done to Tracy on completing her PADI deep speciality course with us here at Manta Diving Lanzarote!

PADI deep speciality course lanzarote diving

It’s been awesome to watch Tracey evolve as a beginner diver through to being an experienced diver. Tracey originally started diving with us as a PADI open water diver, freshly qualified in Thailand. She completed her PADI Advanced open water course with George and was soon hooked on Lanzarote Diving! She has since completed her PADI Rescue course and Nitrox course with us. This holiday she choose to continue her diving adventure and complete her PADI deep course.

Tracey has quicker reactions while diving than on land!

During the PADI Deep course Tracey looked at the effects of pressure on several objects including a balloon, coca-cola bottle and an egg! Cracking the egg at 30 metres is fantastic to watch, as it stays as a ball – and then we played ping pong with it! Tracey also simulated an emergency decompression stop on a spare air pony bottle. The highlight of the deep course had to be watching Tracey performing the narcosis test. She had to find a series of numbers on a slate, first on land and then underwater. Most people are faster on land – however Tracey not so much! She flew threw it underwater!

Lanzarote Diving deep course PADI

Tracey says she loves having the experience to dive down to our deeper sites and explore more of the dive sites in Lanzarote. Recently she met some of our resident huge groupers that frequent the deeper water. At the moment we are seeing huge bait balls. On her third deep dive we were coming back up from the Cathedral and a ball of sardines engulfed us! It literally went pitch black, if you would have blinked you would have missed it – they were so fast! The white trevallies and barracuda were having a lot of fun hunting them!

On Tracey’s final dive for the PADI deep speciality course we went to dive the Pinnacle. After her last dive we were keeping our eyes out for more bait balls. As we came up the sand bank the sardines were there waiting for us. Dancing, shimmering in the light, desperate to get away from the barracuda. For us it was amazing to drift back with the current watching. We felt like we were part of Blue Planet!!

So a huge high five from all the team at Manta Diving Lanzarote! We look forward to you starting your PADI divemaster course in the new year!