Training Agency SSI Vs PADI Open Water Course in Lanzarote - Which training agency to choose

Which Training Agency SSI or PADI?

Are you planning on discovering the breathtaking underwater world and signing up to get your licence to scuba dive with the Open Water Course but can't decide which training agency to chose, SSI or PADI? Let us help you!

Training Agency SSI Vs PADI Open Water Course in Lanzarote - Which training agency to choose

Here at Manta Diving Lanzarote, we can teach both options. However if you ask our diving team which Open Water course they prefer to teach, they will tell you their preferred training agency is SSI for several reasons:

SSI offers instructors more flexibility when it comes to teaching you to dive. We can personalise the open water course to you. So if during your training dives, you encounter a problem with a certain skill, with SSI we can move on. Continue with a different exercise, keep building your confidence and then come back to it later on. Whereas with PADI you have to complete each confined dive before moving on, so your progress can get stuck until you master that particular exercise.

The MySSI App: 

This is home to your online theory, as well as your digital logbook and your digital certification cards.

Your digital journey: When you first sign up for the open water course, we will get you to create an account with SSI, which just takes a couple of minutes. Then we can unlock the theory for you and you can get started really quickly! The theory is broken down into bite size chunks with nice clear videos. It works really nicely on mobiles and makes studying easy! 

After you have completed each of your open water dives, we will log your dives using the digital logbook in the app. We use QR codes to verify your training and get your stamp! We also save all the important details about your dive. So that it is easily accessible next time you go diving. 

Once you have finished the open water course, we will order your digital certification card and it will appear on your MySSI app in minutes! 

What we particularly love as diving professionals, is that you cannot loose your information. Your certification cards and dive logs are permanently on your account and easily accessible!

All in all we find that your overall diving experience is a better learning experience with SSI. 

Whether you chose to learn with SSI or PADI remember this, once you have successfully completed the course you will be an Open Water Diver. You will receive a digital certification card. Qualifying you to dive to 18 metres that is recognised worldwide and valid for life.

(10-15 year olds will receive a Junior certification and limitations apply).

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