Turtle seen while diving in Playa Blanca!

Turtles are pretty rare to see in Lanzarote diving!

Last Friday Adam, Lindsay and George were at El Emisario. Soon after dropping down they found a turtle near to the reef. It was really playful! Straight after that they saw an angel shark in the sand, then a moray eel and then a common stingray! On their return to the dive centre, everyone else was jealous and wanted to see photos and videos. Unfortunately Adam had forgotten his GoPro that day!


Charlotte diving in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

We were in for some luck!

On Tuesday Ben took Charlotte, Steve and David to El Emisario before their dive to the Museo Atlantico. After hearing about George’s amazing dive on Friday he was on the look out for a turtle for himself and he didn’t disappoint! Near the end of the dive they found this beautiful turtle resting near the reef. Check out the awesome video shot by Steve and David!

Lanzarote Diving: The Museo Atlantico

After the dives on El Emisario it was time to dive the Museo Atlantico. In Lanzarote diving the Museo Atlantico is an absolute must! Charlotte, Steve and David had a great time discovering the different statues and seeing how much marine life there was at the underwater museum. It still amazes us how much the ecosystem has come on since the Museum first opened back in March 2016. The day of it’s opening we didn’t see a single fish and now there are literally hundreds of fish engulfing the statues!

Lanzarote Diving Museo Atlantico