Yesterday our friend Kiko told us that the Ayuntamiento of Tias were organising an underwater clean up here at Playa Chica and would we like to go and help?

Our answer was of course YES! Playa Chica is our main dive site for Lanzarote diving. Home to over 10 different dive sites. For us at Manta Diving Lanzarote it really is important to protect them and maintain our ocean’s beauty and cleanliness. We spoke to our divers who were booked in for Saturday to see if they were up for helping out on the underwater clean up. All of them volunteered straight away!

Saturday morning we arrived at Playa Chica. It was a typical Lanzarote day – super hot! So after some fun of jumping off the jetty, we went to collect our nets and gloves. As a group we choose to stick to the Harbour Wall. Stay shallow and go as far as we could towards Black Beach. Black Beach in particular gets quite a lot of rubbish due to the market on a Friday morning.

Underwater Clean Up | Diving lanzarote
Underwater Clean Up | Diving lanzarote

Love locks, beautiful but not at the expense of divers safety

Dropping down immediately we spotted something that upset us. A love lock attached to the permeant block that holds our safety buoys in place. Lock loves can be beautiful, however they are not part of the ecosystem under the ocean. To put it simply they shouldn’t be there. Especially this location, these blocks are there for diver safety. For scuba divers diving in Lanzarote these are buoys are essential to safely ascend and descend from dives. To protect us from boat traffic.

We really don’t want to see this become a trend and see the blocks covered in them. Unfortunately as we didn’t have any tools to remove it we contacted someone when we came back from the dive who could.

Continuing along with the dive we were pleased to say that the Harbour Wall actually had very little rubbish on it. We picked up the old beer bottle, fishing line and little nets but the majority of what we collected was as predicted from near to Black Beach.

As we turned back we had a couple of beautiful sightings. First up was a group of 14 squid dancing in the blue. Squid are rare to see when diving in Lanzarote. We loved drifting back with the current watching them. Then we saw something shimmer above us. A huge shoal of barracuda above us. Simple breathtaking! This is why we love Lanzarote diving! You never know what you will find!

Lanzarote Diving | Underwater Clean Up
Lanzarote Diving | Underwater Clean Up

Thank you for protecting Playa Chica!

Thank you to the Ayuntamiento of Tias for organising the underwater clean up. Also a big thank you to our divers Tracey, Noel, Sandra, Conor and Guglielmo for taking part and helping us to keep Lanzarote diving beautiful and clean! Playa Chica is our home and we appreciate all the help to keeping it beautiful and protecting the marine life. So that we can keep diving it for many years to come.

We look forward to taking in joining future underwater clean up events here in Lanzarote!