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Los Jolateros

Los Jolateros is a tradition in Lanzarote where children create boats from oil drums. Then race them across El Charco. With this in mind Jason recreated the children paddling their boats. It may also be a metaphor of a possible future for our children. Marking the precariousness that would mean sailing on a thin sheet of brass.


Immortal is a sculpture moulded from a local fisherman from the neighbouring island of La Graciosa. The sculpture is formed by a series of concrete sticks that make up a traditional funeral pyre.

The Raft of Lampedusa

One of the most famous sculptures for the Museo Atlantico. The Raft of Lampedusa is actually a reflection on the humanitarian crisis based on the painting of Gericult. Which depicts a scene of the wreck of the French frigate Medusa on the coast of Mauritania and the abandonment suffered by the crew. An acknowledgement for those who have lost their lives on that journey.


A couple taking a selfie places us in the use of technologies and self-referentiality. In this day and age selfies are everywhere. This sculpture is actually located next to the The Raft of Lampedusa. Eluding to the tragic moment and turning it into an event “in the background”, worthy of being registered.

Crossing the Rubicon

Up next is a group consisting of 35 people walking towards a wall and a door under the sea. Depicting a boundary between 2 realities and a portal to the Atlantic Ocean. A unique monument, designed to be absurd, a dysfunctional barrier in the midst of a vast fluid, a 3-D space that can be surpassed in any direction.

Hybrid Garden

After swimming through the portal you enter a realm merging nature and humanity. While entering into the Botanical Garden you will see the strong reference to Lanzarote’s rich vegetation. Sculptures half human, half cactus, make up an important part of the botanical garden. This set of sculptures includes 4 Hybrids, “Drago” (a native tree from the Canary Islands) “Nopal” “Hybrid Roots” and “Tubular Hybrid”.


In the portal a young female hybrid looks at a large quadrangular mirror that reflects the surface of the ocean in motion. Meanwhile the mirror is positioned on top of cactus-like structures containing small compartments. “Living stations” designed to attract octopuses, sea urchins and moray eels.


At first glance Deregulated looks like businessman playing in a children’s playground. However if you look closer you will see they are actually playing on oil and gas pumps.

Photo Op.

Similar to the selfie couple, there are a couple of statues of photographers in the Museo Atlantico. Posing a debate on the permanent recording of images in modern society. On average of 350 million photos are uploaded daily to Facebook. Cameras constantly used in everyday situations, turning everyone into a photographer. 

Human Twist

Finally after exploring the rest of the Museo Atlantico we come across the human twist. Consisting of 200 life-size sculptures that create a great circular formation. Uniquely positioned so that the figures forms a reef habitable by marine species. During the past couple of years we have found everything from moray eels to rare lobsters between the humans. Also the sand in the middle of the twist is a popular resting place for angel sharks.

The underwater museum in Lanzarote

Come diving with us and explore the amazing sculptures created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor at the Museo Atlantico. Europe’s first underwater museum! Lanzarote’s newest and most unique dive site in Playa Blanca – a must dive for all divers!

The Museo Atlantico is an underwater museum that was created by Jason, aiming to create a strong visual dialogue between art and nature. Throughout the design process conservation was at the front of his mind. For this reason he wanted to create an artificial reef on a large scale. Since the first sculptures were installed in March 2016 the marine life has increased in diversity by over 200%! The underwater museum is now home to large shoals of barracuda, sardines and axillary seabream. Now there are regular sightings of angel sharks, rays and triggerfish. Along with octopus and moray eels which can be found living inside the sculptures.

Manta Diving Lanzarote

The centre of culture, art and tourism of Lanzarote awarded Manta Diving with the best operator and ECO dive guide for the Museo Atlantico. Not only did Manta win the best dive centre for Summer 2017 but also Winter 2017-2018! All of our dive guides are official ECO guides with an extensive knowledge of the underwater museum. During your dive briefing your guide will explain to you the meaning behind the sculptures also how they were created. Ensuring that you get the best visit possible to the underwater museum! Jason deCaires Taylor set out to create the Museo Atlantico as an artificial reef to help protect Playa Chica. As well as to raise awareness of conservation, awareness to the current world issues. During the briefing you will also learn how C.A.C.T. are continuing developing the museum to develop the marine reserve.

Diving Schedule – for certified divers

On Tuesdays and Fridays we offer 2 tank excursions to the Museo Atlantico. Starting at 8:00 finishing around 14:00. After preparing the equipment at the dive centre, we will then drive to Playa Blanca. From Marina Rubicon we will go out on the rib for 2 dives. The first dive is at Las Coloradas, famous for it’s Club Tipped Anemones and chimney swim-through. During the surface interval on the boat we will provide you with soup, water and bananas. Then it is time to dive the Museo Atlantico! Once everyone is ready we will jump in and dive the underwater museum. The dive time is usually between 30-45 minutes, allowing you plenty of time to take in the 300 sculptures and take photos. The price of the excursion is 45€ on top of the price of 2 dives.

Diving Schedule – for divers without a certification

Don’t have a diving certification but you fancy experiencing the Museo Atlantico? We have a full day training package available.  Designed to introduce you to scuba diving and get you comfortable underwater. Uniquely designed so that you can enjoy your experience at the underwater museum!

During the day you will complete 3 dives. Starting with the PADI Discover Scuba Dive, then a follow up dive and in the afternoon a dive to the underwater museum. During this dive you will spend around 30-35 minutes at the underwater museum discovering the different sculptures. Starting at 8:45 finishing around 16:30. Also you can choose to do the full training package in 1 full day or split it over 2 consecutive afternoons. The price is 179€ per person and includes the 3 dives, all transportation, boat fees, entrance fees to the Museo Atlantico and a Manta Diving t-shirt! Not only that we will take photos of you during your dive to the museum!

Museo Atlantico | Underwater Museum in Lanzarote | Playa Blanca
Why choose Manta Diving Lanzarote to visit the underwater museum in Lanzarote?

Manta are proud winners of the 2017 Summer and Winter Best EOMA Dive Centre and Best Eco Dive Guide from the Museo Atlantico. Especially because we won these 3 awards based on the feedback collected by the museum from surveys completed by our divers. As well as our experience with the Museo Atlantico staff and their safety boat.

Can my non-diving friend come with me?

Unfortunately the boat we dive from is a rib and is uncomfortable for non-divers. Although it is not possible for them to come with us to the underwater museum. As long as there is space in the minibus they are welcome to join us for the trip to Playa Blanca. Where they can spend the morning in the Marina Rubicon exploring the shops and restaurants.

Do you offer single tank dives to the Museo Atlantico?

No, the Museo Atlantico asks us to perform a check dive first. To ensure all divers have control of their buoyancy to protect the statues. For this reason we use the first dive as a check dive. Afterwards we dive the underwater museum on the second dive.

What is included between dives?

On the surface interval we provide you with water, soup and bananas. During the summer months we provide you with a baseball hat to help protect you from the sun. During the winter months we provide a woolly hat for you to wear to keep you warm.

What is the maximum depth of the underwater museum?

The underwater museum is maximum depth 14 metres. Making it perfect for all diving levels!

Is it possible to see the underwater museum in Playa Blanca from a glass bottom boat?

Unfortunately the underwater museum in Playa Blanca is too deep to be seen from the surface. As all the sculptures are at 12 metres so it isn’t possible to view it from a glass bottom boat or by snorkelling. However don’t worry, if you aren’t a diver already then you can still visit the underwater museum. If you want to visit it, your best option is our PADI discover scuba diving Gold Package where you can learn to dive in 1 day and on your third dive get to experience the amazing Museo Atlántico for yourself!

Where can I learn more about the Museo Atlantico and the artist?

You can learn more about the Museo Atlantico here:

CACT Lanzarote

All about the making of the sculptures, the artist Jason deCaires Taylor and the meaning behind the different sculptures.

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