Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Scuba Diver in your life!

We know it can be tough coming up with unique Christmas gift ideas every year, so we decided to put together some of the cool scuba diving related ideas we’ve seen. We have even purchased some of these in the past for our instructors!

Adult Towel Changing Robe

These are fantastic for changing after a dive and keeping warm! We found this one on Amazon in a variety of colours! You will regularly find James wearing his one around the dive centre.

Scuba Diver Aquarium Ornament 

These ornaments look really cool! Decorate your fish tank with your favourite hobby, so when you feed your fish it reminds you of scuba diving! You can even connect it an air tube and it blows bubbles!

Scuba Diving Tank Water Bottle

This is one for our divers stateside! We love the idea of these. Stay hydrated with a scuba diving tank water bottle. Take it everywhere you go, everyone will be jealous!

Girls That Scuba Mask Strap

Neoprene mask straps are so useful, adding comfort and ease of use – especially when practicing mask skills. Our instructor Rachel also finds them great for preventing getting her hair tangled in the strap. The colours from Girls That Scuba are gorgeous!

Manta Diving Lanzarote Hoody, Hat or T-shirt

Manta Diving Hoody, T-shirt, Baseball Hat or Fleece Hat

Look cool at the dive site while staying warm in your Manta Diving merchandise! In September we redesigned our hoody with our distressed logo so you can have a matching t-shirt and hoody!

Manta Diving Gift Voucher

Manta Diving Gift Voucher

If you still aren’t sure what to get them why not get them a Manta Diving gift voucher? It can be put towards dives, the next PADI course, diving equipment. Email the dive centre to save yours now!

We hope this helps find a unique Christmas gift for your scuba diving loved one! If you have a unique gift idea let us know!