You may have changed her life forever! One of the most rewarding parts of teaching people to dive with the open water course is seeing them succeed, fall in love with the ocean and Lanzarote diving!

When we receive messages after a students diving course or read their review on TripAdvisor it puts a smile on our faces!

This past week Liv joined us for the PADI open water course and from the first moment she was hooked. Arriving at the dive centre on her first day having already completed the theory it meant she could jump into the water with her PADI instructor Ariel. As she had never been diving before we chose to start with confined water dive 1 and open water dive 1. This is a great way to experience the diving in Lanzarote and see the underwater world before getting started with learning all the different skills. Liv’s face was unforgettable – smiling the whole dive!

Next up was the remaining confined dives in Playa Chica.

Liv was amazing and she was soon flying through the skills, ticking off each of the confined dives. One by one! Which meant we could spend more time on the open water dives, diving Lanzarote and it’s beautiful dive sites. After each dive Ariel gave her a debrief, explaining to her what she had done well and where she could improve on the next dive. By the end of the PADI open water course her buoyancy was fantastic!

PADI Open Water Lanzarote

Before we knew it Liv had fallen in love with scuba diving in Lanzarote!

But Liv didn’t want to stop just yet! Thankfully she didn’t have to as she had 4 days left of her holiday in Lanzarote! So like Rory earlier in the week Liv chose to complete her PADI Advanced course!

That afternoon Liv went for her first adventure dive with Ariel

First up was continuing the navigation skills she had just learnt in the open water course and developing them further. Learning how to navigate squares and without the compass! Next morning Liv was excited for her first deep dive! Going to 30 metres for the first time is exhilarating. The House Reef was the perfect choice. Seeing the huge wall for the first time, practicing her buoyancy control. Seeing if she could spot some groupers or barracudas! During the remaining dives Liv also learnt how to take photos underwater (it’s the complete opposite to taking photos on land!) identifying the fish she had been diving with and peak performance buoyancy. Buoyancy control is one of the most important skills you can have as a diver and you can never have too much practice at it!

By the end of the week Liv was playing with the idea of maybe one day becoming a PADI instructor – she has well and truly caught Lanzarote’s diving bug! For us as instructors we love to hear this and we love to see the progress underwater. Liv you are an incredible diver and we can’t wait to welcoming you back in the summer for more diving in Lanzarote! In the meantime we hope you enjoy the memories you have created this week and look forward to your PADI cards arriving in the post. Well done from all the team at Manta Diving Lanzarote!

“Thank you for looking after Liv this week, and taking her through her PADI Open Water Course & Advanced Diving Course. She has loved every minute and will be back for more next summer. She loves Scuba diving so much she does not want to go home. You may have changed her life forever! Thank you! Julie & Andy (Mum & Dad)”


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