After 3.5 months we opened our doors again on the 1st July 2020. We want to keep our dive centre, the dive team and most importantly you safe from Covid-19. To do this we put a number of new procedures in place:

Before you arrive:

The meeting point for all the dives is the dive centre. Transport is only available to and from dive sites for the moment. 

Pre-booking: we strongly recommend pre-booking and avoiding showing up at the dive centre for now. You can book online via the following links or whatsapp us to arrange a time on (0034) 649121142.

Book Try Dives

Book Fun Dives for Certified Divers

Book Open Water Course

Book Advanced Open Water Course

Paperwork: If you are joining us for a fun dive you can complete all your paperwork online before you arrive. Just send us an email to and we will send it over to you.

Refreshments: at the moment we cannot share food and drinks. Please bring refreshments with you. There is a bar/restaurant above the dive centre where you can purchase coffee/tea/snacks.

At the Dive Centre

We encourage you to regularly wash your hands. We have provided hand gel dispensers at the entrance to the reception of the dive centre and also at the entrance to the outside changing area when you return from the dives.

We will clean the dive centre between each dive. We disinfect the diving equipment after each activity using disinfectants with virucidal activity.

Each person should bring with them a protective face mask. It is compulsory to wear them while preparing for the dives and on the boat if boat diving. We have provided Tupperware containers to store your mask in during the dives, which are disinfected between uses. 

Only divers should attend the dive centre. Family and friends would normally be welcome as well, but reducing footfall will reduce infection risks.

We will spend as much time outside as we can, whether it’s paperwork or equipment preparation or cleaning, we will do as much outdoors as possible and encourage social distancing.

During the dive

When you are testing your rental diving equipment, please do not breathe from the second stage – just test it by purging.

The pre-dive check will be done on the surface and only the main second stage will be used.

Please do not not use the oral inflation of the BCD.

Please do not spit into the mask, even if it is your own. We have defog available in the dive centre and in the vans. 

We have followed the advice from leading diving experts such as PADI and DAN. During courses such as the PADI open water course and PADI Rescue Diver course, certain skills such as out of air, alternate air source sharing and rescue breathing have been modified to ensure divers safety. 

Cancellation terms

Once you have finalised a booking if you have COVID-19 symptoms or your flight is cancelled, your booking will be placed on hold. The amount paid will not be refunded, but it will be transferred into a voucher.

If you have ANY symptom of Covid-19, cold, flu or respiratory problem or are with somebody with symptoms please do not come to the dive centre. Call or WhatsApp us on (0034) 649121142. 

We look forward to diving with you soon! 

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