BSAC Sports Diver

Advancing your scuba diving qualifications to become a Sports Diver gives you the opportunity to perform longer, deeper dives with decompression stops, as well as learning rescue skills.

If you want to do more with your diving, the Sports Diver qualification gives you the freedom to explore. Being a Sports Diver allows most people to do all the diving they want in the UK and abroad.

During the Bsac sports diver course you will complete...

  • 6 Lectures that are completed online, using the BSAC e-learning system.
  • Practical session, where you are taught Basic Life Support skills
  • 5 open water dives where the following skills are taught:
    • Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
    • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (dSMB)
    • Compass navigation
    • Rescue skills
    • Simulated Decompression Dive
    • Dive leading and basic skills
  • Practical session at a dive site (Assistant Dive Manager)
  • Theory test with a pass mark of 80%
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The BSAC Sports Diver course develops the skills learned in the Ocean Diver course building greater confidence and knowledge. You will gain skills and experience of diving in several different conditions. On completion you will be qualified to dive to 20 metres (you can also choose to include the depth progression dives, in which case your depth limit is increased to 35 metres) and will have gained knowledge of decompression stop diving. Also your abilities to assist other divers and use Nitrox will be developed. The experience gained on this course will add a new dimension to future daily diving trips.


The BSAC Sports Diver course is open to anyone from the age of 14.

You just need to show that you are a BSAC Ocean Diver or equivalent.

What will I be qualified to do as a BSAC Sports Diver...

Qualified Sports Divers can dive buddied with another Sports Diver, in familiar locations and conditions, allowing you more freedom to explore. You can also support a Dive Manager as a competent assistant, the first step on the road to helping to organise diving within your club.

You can extend your experience by diving with someone qualified as a Dive Leader or above, under the supervision of a Dive Manager. You can also dive with an Ocean Diver or Advanced Ocean Diver, so long as you stay within conditions they have already encountered.

Your qualification will be recognised worldwide and you will be certified to use breathing gas mixtures of up to 36% nitrox to increase your dive times. 

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Have you started your Sports Diver course but not had time to finish it? Continue your training and just complete parts of the course that you need to do!

Photos of you underwater
Insurance for course duration
Equipment hire

BSAC Sports Diver

The full package!

5 training dives
Manta Diving Tshirt
Photos of you underwater
Insurance for course duration
Equipment hire
BSAC Membership

Frequently Asked questions...

Yes, our BSAC Sports Diver course includes e-learning, so you can complete the theory online before you arrive in Lanzarote. Meaning that when you arrive in Lanzarote you can jump straight underwater.

You will complete 5 training dives and 2 dry practical sessions. 

Included in our BSAC Ocean Diver course price is:

  • Diving Insurance for the course duration
  • Full equipment hire
  • Instruction from a certified BSAC instructor
  • Digital Certification Card
  • Photos of you underwater
  • Manta Diving T-shirt
  • Small class sizes
  • E-learning for Sports Diver

You just need to bring:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes for afterwards
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • BSAC Ocean Diver certification card or equivalent
  • Proof of current BSAC Membership. If you don’t have this yet email or call 07990605646 he will organise your membership and then get back to us to start your training.

There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and supermarkets where you can get something to eat.

It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours after your last dive before flying.
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