Learning to dive in 1 day to dive the underwater museum in Lanzarote

Yolanda and Jose really wanted to experience the dive at the underwater museum in Lanzarote but had never been diving before. 

So on Monday they popped into the dive centre and booked in for our Try Dive/Basic Diver Plus Package. This is the perfect dive package to allow you to dive the underwater museum without completing a full scuba diving course beforehand.

On Tuesday morning they arrived at the dive centre and, after completing the Try Scuba Diving paperwork and a briefing from Victor where they learnt all about scuba diving and the first dive, they were about to go on.

They strolled down to Playa Chica, a small cove in the old town of Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, where they put on the equipment and entered the water. After a gentle walk in to waist deep water, it was time to take their first breath underwater! Popping the regulators into their mouths, breathing deeply and it was time to go underneath! A little apprehensive at first but soon the distraction of the fish and they were on their way!

Playa Chica is amazing for this as it is teeming with marine life. So many colourful fish including parrotfish, bream, damselfish and flounders  to name a few! Slowly descending down to 6 metres, Victor close by keeping an eye on them the whole time. Spending 40 minutes taking in all the amazing sights underwater! After 40 minutes it was time to return to land and prepare for the next dive.

Diving at the underwater museum in Lanzarote with no previous diving experience | Manta Diving Lanzarote

During the break they were chatting and sharing their experience of breathing underwater for the first time, and how much they were enjoying learning to dive.

Before heading back into the water they had a second briefing with Victor, about the second dive as, this time, they were going to dive to 12 metres and experience controlling their own buoyancy.

Once they were back in the water, they practiced a descent using a line. In order to prepare them for the descent they will be doing at the Lanzarote Museo Atlantico afterwards. Slowly going down to about 5 metres and making sure they were both completely comfortable. Then they were practicing how to establish buoyancy at the bottom. And off they go again, kicking gently throughout the dive and discovering even more new creatures such as garden eels and arrow crabs.

All together they went exploring the dive site, the Harbour Wall. After spending another 40 minutes for the second dive of the Try Scuba Diving training, they started swimming up again using the rope. To make sure the ascent is controlled and secure, exactly like they would be doing at the underwater museum.

Diving the underwater museum in Lanzarote with no diving experience | Manta Diving Lanzarote

Once back at the dive centre, and after debriefing and sharing thoughts, it was time for a quick hot shower, pack new dry-clean wetsuits and ready to leave for the underwater museum, not before they grabbed a bite to eat in order to pump energy levels back up!

Then, they started driving towards the museum. It’s located in the south of Lanzarote, off the coast of Playa Blanca. When they got there, they started getting into their wetsuits and jumping onboard the boat they set off to the site of the underwater museum, mooring at the anchor line. Putting our fins and masks on, and regulators in, and there they are, ready to roll backwards into the water.

Time to start exploring the Museo Atlantico

The three of them started descending slowly and eagerly discovering the different set of statues. Yolanda and Jose did not know where to look. They were impressed by the statues themselves. But also about the amount of marine life Lanzarote has to offer!

They even saw themselves floating and swimming in the ocean as they passed over the mirror set at the museum. As they approached the last set of statues, they started safely ascending using a line and performing a 3-minute safety stop before surfacing.

Yolanda and Jose were impressed! Once back on the boat they were amazed by how quickly the 45-minute dive had passed by. By the way they were smiling you could tell the day had been worth the Try scuba diving/Basic Diver Plus experience. Diving bug is already within them and now they can´t wait to go diving in Lanzarote again!

If you want to learn to dive in 1 day and dive the underwater museum in Lanzarote for yourself, you can book online here:

Dive the underwater museum as a beginner | Manta Diving Lanzarote
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