Underwater Museum Lanzarote is open for diving!

Underwater Museum Lanzarote is open for Diving!

Since the Covid pandemic in Lanzarote, google has been marking businesses as open, closed or hours maybe affected by Covid. Along with news reports that the Museo Atlantico is closed for good. It’s one of our most commonly asked questions right now… Can I still dive the underwater museum? The answer is simple YES! 

During lockdown the Museo Atlantico was officially separated from CACT Lanzarote, so there a couple of changes. 

  1. There is no longer an entrance fee for the museum. (To reflect this our museum price has been lowered to just cover the boat fees).
  2. There is no longer the safety/entrance boat. We arrive to the dive site as we did before in the rib and we don’t need to check in anymore, so we can just roll in and  go and dive the Museo Atlantico. Explore all the different 300 sculptures. 

Our dive schedule for the underwater museum:

At the moment our diving schedule is a little different. We are tending to dive the Museo Atlantico in the afternoons as a single tank dive. Meeting at 13:15, prepping the equipment and heading to Playa Blanca. We get on the boat just before 15:00 and we are finished for around 17:00. 

For those who have a diving certification the price is 25€ on top of the price of 1 dive. (So if you are just doing 1 dive with us including equipment hire the price is 70€).

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For those who don’t have a diving certification but would love to dive the museum then you can join us for our PADI discover scuba diving Gold Package. The price is 179€ and includes 3 dives. 2 Training dives from Playa Chica and then a dive at the museum. This can be completed in 2 afternoons or 1 full day. 

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Covid Safety Precautions:

If you are travelling with us in the van you must wear a face mask for the journey. 

On the boat until we reach the dive site you must also wear your face mask. Once we have arrived we will switch it for your mask and regulator. You can leave your face mask on board the boat. We will provide you with a numbered tupperware box where you can keep your mask sealed until you return from the dive. 

Defog – we have a bottle of defog available. We ask that you do not spit in your masks at the moment and use the defog we will provide you with. 

We hope you have found this update about diving at the underwater museum in Lanzarote useful and we hope to see you on a dive soon! 

Underwater museum Lanzarote | Museo Atlantico

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