Waikiki is home to one of the shallowest orange corals in Europe. A huge branching coral is hiding in the reef at 16 metres. Ultimately this dive site is known for being awesome for the marine life that can be seen here regularly! Trumpetfish can be found hiding in the crevices. As well as this explore the sand banks and see if you can find stingrays and angel sharks. Also amongst the crevices there are several colourful anemones.


Marine life you can expect to find at Waikiki:

Orange coral, groupers, trumpetfish and sometimes angel sharks and stingrays on the sand banks, leopard spotted nudibranches.

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boat Dive

Certified Diver - Guided Dives in Lanzarote

Open Water or above

Depth Gauge - Maximum Depth of Dive Site

Max Depth: 18-40 metres

Diving Information:

Schedule: We have dives available Monday to Saturday at 9:00, 11:30 and 15:00.

Nitrox 30% is available free of charge for divers with Nitrox certification.

Boat dives in Puerto Del Carmen are free of charge on our own trimaran hard boat – the only one of it’s kind in Puerto Del Carmen!


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