Dive Sites in Puerto Del Carmen

Playa Chica

Welcome to Playa Chica! This is our house reef just 100 metres from the dive centre.  From your first dive here you will experience the diversity of marine life Lanzarote has to offer together with the variety of different dive sites! Each day choosing the best dive site to dive based on the diving conditions, in the hope that you will quickly fall in love with the diving that Playa Chica has to offer just like we did!

Blue Hole

Passing over the garden of eels, you will find the entrance to the Blue Hole, a swim through that connects the sandy shallows through the reef to the bottomless ocean waiting beyond it. Also there are several caves and overhangs amongst the reef so make sure you take a torch with you as frequently large groupers or even a forkbeard can be found lurking in the shadows! Therefore this is a dive not to be missed!


The Cathedral is a cavern dive just off the coast of Puerto del Carmen. There are many unique points of interests that must be seen first hand! For instance inside the cavern you can find fairy basslet fish swimming upside down! After spending time inside the cavern continue to the bubble garden which you can find above the roof of the Cathedral. Now you are swimming through your exhaled breath! As it is slowly escaping through the volcanic rock!

Harbour Wrecks

If you love ship wrecks you must visit the Puerto Del Carmen Wrecks. Just a 2 minute boat ride from the old town harbour, there is a set of around 6 wrecks that sunk in the 1970’s especially for scuba divers! In the distance you maybe lucky to find angel sharks or common stingrays resting in the sand. Overall this is a great diving experience for both novice and experienced divers with wrecks sitting from 15-40m!

Red Coral

The Red Coral is a stunning branching coral that is protected in a cave around 28 metres and is easily missed, however don’t worry your expert dive guide will show you its hiding place! Nearby there is also a commerative plaque and urn and a couple of colourful anemones. After exploring these, head back up to Playa Chica and you will pass over Rene’s wreck. Usually you can find seahorses or octopuses hanging out at the metal grid, so definitely make sure you save enough air to visit them on your way back!


Waikiki is home to one of the shallowest red corals in Europe. A huge branching orange coral is hiding in the reef at only 16 metres depth. Ultimately this dive site is known for being awesome because of the marine life that can be regularly seen here! Trumpetfish are usually regulars, enjoying the crevices in the overhangs. As well as the wall there are also lots of sand banks so keep an eye out for stingrays and angel sharks. Amongst the crevices there are many beautiful rich colourful anemones. With this in mind don’t forget your camera on this dive!

Diving in Puerto Del Carmen

Playa Chica is the most popular dive site in Lanzarote thanks to its huge choice of stunning dive sites. Manta Diving Lanzarote is just 100 metres from it, giving us the flexibility to choose each morning which dive sites to go to that day, judging by the dive conditions. There are over 10 different shore dives to choose from and several boat dives too!

Diving is available for certified divers Monday to Saturday at 9:00, 11:30 and 15:00. Dives need to be pre-booked minimum 24 hours beforehand.

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