Nitrox now available at Manta Diving Lanzarote!

Nitrox compressors | Manta Diving Lanzarote

New Nitrox Compressor Installed at the Dive Centre

We are super excited to have taken delivery this week of 2 new Coltri MCH16 Tropical Super Silence compressors and a Nitrox 300 LP membrane! What does this mean? Fast, clean air fills and nitrox too!

Here at Manta Diving Lanzarote we are constantly evolving, trying to offer the best service for our divers. One thing that we have wanted for a while is to offer Nitrox filled in our dive centre so that we can ensure the nitrox we give you is clean. This week we took delivery of 2 Coltri compressors. One of these is dedicated to filling air. The other is connected to the nitrox membrane and can fill Enriched Air up to 40%. Paul, our favourite compressor technician has been over and finished installing them and they are ready to go!

Nitrox compressors | Manta Diving Lanzarote

We’ve put some extra safety features in place ready for this installation. All of our staff are trained in filling nitrox fills. As well as this we are expecting a delivery of tanks this coming week. We will have dedicated 10L, 12L and 15L tanks for nitrox.

Also we have installed a special filling box that contains the tanks during the filling process. This is a requirement by Spanish law. We are one of only a handful of dive centres in Lanzarote that have it. It is a safety box so that if anything happens during the filling process, our divers and staff are safe and secure.

Nitrox compressors | Manta Diving Lanzarote

To celebrate the arrival of the new compressors we have a new special offer! If you prepay for a 6 dive package or above you can have FREE nitrox fills for those dives! If you don’t have your enriched air certification yet you can add on the PADI enriched air diver course to your package for only 90€!

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