A dive to remember…

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A dive to remember

After a great couple of days learning to dive, it was time for Jonas to certify as a PADI open water dive. His final dive was incredibly memorable…

Jonas and Anna have been a great time diving in Lanzarote with us this past week! Anna has been going diving and exploring with James while Jonas has been completing his PADI open water course.

Due to the storm we had during the week it meant that diving was not possible from our usual dive sites at Playa Chica. So for the confined dives we jumped into the swimming pool in the Costa Volcan Spa. Jonas has been diving on PADI discover scuba dives before so he knew what to expect. George took him through the skills and by the end of the confined sessions he had great trim and control of his buoyancy.

The next day Playa Chica was looking calmer but it still wasn’t safe for diving so we went to one of our dive sites on the North East coast of Lanzarote, Charco del Palo. Jonas and Anna had a couple of great dives exploring the dive sites in Charco del Palo. Anna and James went exploring through the swim throughs. Finding 3 rays! Jonas had a great couple of first dives!

Final day of the PADI open water course and we were back in Charco del Palo. Today Jonas had something exciting planned – other than becoming a certified open water diver…

Jonas on his PADI open water course with Manta Diving Lanzarote

PADI Open Water CourseJonas proposed to Anna on his final open water dive to become a PADI open water diver…

and she said yes!!

 A huge congratulations from all of the dive team at Manta Diving Lanzarote! What an awesome way to become a PADI certified diver! Good luck with your future together. We hope you enjoy lots of scuba diving adventures together!

Jonas on his PADI open water course with Manta Diving Lanzarote

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