Editing your diving photos on the go!

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Editing your diving photos on the go!

Photo Editing on your mobile!

Underwater photography can be challenging. Sometimes you get the composition right but the shot can be off. For example the colour, the lighting or the contrast may need to tweaking. Before this could be challenging to fix if you didn’t have Photoshop. However now with all the new apps available it’s really simple to do from your phone or tablet.

A lot of cameras have WiFi so you can connect to them between dives. Check out your photos and see which ones worked and which you want to retake on your next dive. We have the Olympus Tough TG5 this is great for connecting to our phones and starting editing straight away! 

Diving in Playa Blanca - Manta Diving Lanzarote

Here are some of our on the go editing tips for diving photos that we have learnt along the way!

#1 Dive+ app

This is a fantastic app for color correction. With a press of only 1 button you can change the colour on photo or video. Take them from the washed out blue to bringing all the red back. Now you have a fantastic contrasting photo! You can then either share straight to Facebook or to your camera roll.

#2 Photoshop fix

This app is brilliant! You can easily manipulate your photos. Adjusting everything from exposure to contrast to healing any backscatter. The more you practice with it the more you can do. With the healing and patch tool you can even remove any unwanted subjects such as a diver, their bubbles or a distracting fish!

I personally like to combine the two of these apps. First I correct the color in Dive+ and then the exposure and the crop, also the the removing of any back scatter in Photoshop Fix. Check out this before and after of an angel shark that we took while diving Waikiki! One of our favourite dive sites in Lanzarote!

If you would like to learn more about editing diving photos why not take the SSI Photo and Video Diving Speciality? During the course you learn how to improve technique underwater and also afterwards we can do an editing workshop. Introducing you to the basics of Adobe Photoshop.


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  1. Rick

    I don’t see the before and after photos of the angel shark. Is it still posted on this site?

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