Lanzarote Diving: Grouper Run lives up to it’s name!

Awesome Friday morning dive with Tracey and Dave!

On a hot morning here in Puerto Del Carmen what better time to experience Lanzarote diving world! We are so lucky to have such great dive sites straight off the beach. Today with no current great visibility we were in for a treat! Tracy wanted a relaxing morning dive and she got it! Just slowly ambling along nice and chilled we came along a hogfish. One of my favorite fish! They are stunning and then when you put the light on them their true beauty is revealed. All of their colours!

Soon after spotting a couple trumpetfish and of course it wouldn’t be called grouper run if we weren’t to see huge groupers! We were swimming along the top of the wall and 15 metres below us there 2 huge grouper chasing each other! Just as we were about to turn back we came across a beautiful specimen of Macronesian Encrusting Anemone. It was huge! We still have plenty of air remaining so we continued along back up to Playa Chica spotting a curious octopus, seahorse and cuttlefish.

Right now is such a great time to dive Lanzarote with such an abundance of life! Tomorrow we will be doing it all again for Traceys birthday dive!!