New diving regulations for diving in Lanzarote and Spain

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New diving regulations  for diving in Lanzarote and Spain

During the lockdown in Lanzarote we have spent the time keeping up to date with the diving industry and the latest developments via webinars. The Spanish government have decided to update the law relating to diving in Spain and there are a number of changes. Here are the most important ones:

First up is the most important, the RSTC has released a new diving medical.

So far we only have it available in English. If you fill in the first page and can answer no to everything that’s it you are clear to go diving and explore Lanzarote’s awesome dive sites! If you can answer a yes to one of the sections on page 1 then you need to refer to the corresponding section on page 2. Can you can also put a yes to one of the points in the corresponding sections? Then you will need to get a doctor to sign you off as fit to scuba dive on page 3 before joining us for a dive or 10 in Lanzarote!

View Medical

The next update refers to diving equipment and what each diver must have.

The biggest change is every diver must carry a delayed surface marker buoy and cutting tool. If you are diving with hire equipment we will provide this. If you are bringing your own equipment it is important that you bring these with you.  Alternatively contact us beforehand to arrange hiring them.

We’ve also been keeping up to date with all things Covid and how to keep the dive centre disinfected.

After numerous training webinars both with PADI and Aetur we have developed a set of new procedures for the dive centre. We have added to our facilities hand gel dispensers on both the front and the back doors. As well as new wall mounted soap and paper towel dispensers in each of the toilets. We have ordered both Oxivirin and Steranios 2% to use for disinfecting the diving equipment. Marked out the floor with 1.5 metres intervals to help with social distancing. Inside the dive centre we must use face masks so please make sure you bring one with you. For now unfortunately there are a couple of services which we cannot offer. We will not be offering refreshments between dives so please bring water with you. Also the shower is off limits too.

We hope you have been keeping safe and well during this lockdown and enjoyed this quick round up about the new diving regulations for diving in Lanzarote and Spain. We cannot wait to open the doors again on the 1st July! Not long now and we will be back exploring the underwater world again! If you have any questions or want to book in for a dive or PADI course feel free to drop us an email.

See you soon!

Ben and Rachel and the dive team at Manta Diving Lanzarote


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