One step closer to becoming a Stunt Double!

Abi exploring the dive sites in Lanzarote

One step closer to becoming a  Stunt Double!

Abi is one step closer to realising her dream of becoming a stunt double after passing her PADI Divemaster course!

Wow! Where have the past 6 weeks gone? We’ve been having so much fun training Abi through the various PADI courses that we forgot to blog and keep you up to date on how she’s been getting on!

Abi flew through the Emergency First Response and Rescue Diver courses. Highlights have to include the amazing acting skills of Rachel and James!! As well as practicing search patterns looking for Santa! Abi soon learnt that in real life there would be a lot of help in a rescue situation as various people offered to come help on the beach!

PADI Divemaster Training

In record time Abi logged the 40 dives needed to start the Divemaster course – 1 week earlier than originally planned! After the initial briefing from Ben on what to expect it was time during the Divemaster course it was time to crack on! First up was practicing guiding dives, learning how to guide divers round Lanzarote’s dive sites, Blue Hole, Cathedral, Red Coral, while showing the marine life, monitoring their air and most importantly not getting lost! Abi did a great job! Everyone came out with a huge smile on their faces impressed with how well she was navigating the dive sites and spotting the marine life at the same time!

Next up was learning how to demonstrate the skills. Her PADI instructor for this section was Rachel. Rachel started by demonstrating the skills and then getting Abi to practice them repeatedly. Abi is an outdoor instructor so the demonstrations came naturally to her! After several sessions George took her in for her final assessment and was really impressed!

Abi with the Dive Team at Manta Diving Lanzarote

Becoming an assistant

Next up was assisting on a PADI open water course and PADI Advanced course. During these dives she learnt how to help the instructors while they were teaching. A key role for the Divemaster during these PADI courses is to be a role model to the students. Nick and Christian were impressed with how natural Abi was in the water, great buoyancy control. The fact she had started so recently showed them that they could learn to become safe divers with good buoyancy control during their diving course!

Swim Tests

One of Abi’s many strengths is swimming so this next part would be a piece of cake for her! If she swam in a straight line!! On Abi’s first attempt at the 400 metre swim she kept getting lost and wandering off course so we reckon she did closer to 600 metres! She passed but as Abi is competitive she wanted to beat that time and voluntarily redid it!!! This time was a lot better, sticking closer to the Harbour Wall she knocked a couple of minutes off her time.

Well done from us all at Manta Diving Lanzarote!

We are all so proud of you Abi! We’ve had so much fun teaching you how to scuba dive and become a PADI diving professional. What you have achieved in 6 weeks is incredible. Your hard working attitude and diving ability is impressive. You have inspired all of us, as well as many of our divers! We wish you all the best in the rest of your training to become a stunt double and we cannot wait to hear the news when you get on the stunt double registry!

Rachel, Ben, George and James


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